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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p22

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 81, chapter 81

"Stop pouting." Rolf commented to Dagan.  Rolf had gone to the market square picking up a large basket of food which he carried in one hand, and two large geese in the other, feathers flying everywhere.  Dagan had tilted his neck back, jaw squared, chin up, his hair now plastered to his forehead, lips pursed together.

"I'm not pouting." he protested. Reuben looked up at him from where he was now crouched, tending to the fire of the fire pit.

"Yeah you are." both Reuben and Rolf said in unison. Dagan snarled at them, his fangs exposed. The larger werewolf put the basket on the ground beside them, handing Reuben one of the geese to clean as he himself started to work on the second. 

"Seems to me, you have nothing to pout about." Reuben continued. "I mean, you are totally secured now as far as anyone trying to take your alpha position by way of ..." he hooked his thumb in the direction of the cabin. "Now that you've claimed her as your mate."

Rolf dropped his hands when he heard that, the bird nearly falling to the ground as the large werewolf swore. "Bad idea man." he shook his head, his features becoming stone."Bad, idea." 

Dagan ran his hand through his hair first fixing it, then backwards through it messing it up again, then fixed it flat once more slicking it back. Cracking his neck he began to chew on the inside of his check. "Why are you afraid I'll go nuts again?"

"Na, Na man." the larger male said, flicking his own hair out of his face sniffing. "It isn't that. I know you'll go insane again when she leaves." he punctuated the sentence by widening his eyes then letting his eyebrows knit together. "I'm afraid of what happens to her when you change your mind. When you get bored with the whole idea of her. Then what? All I can say is you better pray that she finds a way home first before that happens."

Dagan leaned over towards his friend, his arms out at his sides, palms up. "It was an accident."  he screamed. Reuben was laughing uncontrollably, throwing a handful of the goose feathers at Dagan. "That wasn't very nice." 

Rolf squinted up his face a grin of his own now spreading wide, creeping into his blue eyes making them sparkle. "Not looking where you are going and tripping over a tree branch that's an accident, having sex not so much." he let a short laugh escape him, the sound deep and rich.

"Ugh!" Dagan threw his head back closing his eyes as he turned around in a circle. "Not that part. The whole claiming part. We were just...and then the forest was spinning, and it quieted the noise in my brain for a few minutes." he brought his hand up to his temple, moving his fingers in a clawing motion. "...kinda nice.." he then linked his hands together out straight in front of him, a shy smile, his dimples making him look like a teenager for a second. "The rest of it was a side effect. But..." he then pointed at his chest. "I am going to take full advantage of it. As Reuben said, lest with her officially- unofficially claimed as mine, no one; and I mean no one, can seduce her and use her against me like a sneak attack to take my alpha position."

"So, she's just a pawn in a chess game?" Rolf sniffed as he began to tie herbs to the first goose.

"Yeah." Dagan nodded sharply, rolling his eyes, as he once again threw his head back and gave a short howl at the sky. Turning, he then ran towards the back of the cabin where the Seer had been curled up sleeping still in wolf form.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Hands up if you think Dagan is being a jerk or  just in denial? )

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