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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 307, chapter 307

Out of Time...

Bacchus stormed into the area where he was holding our heroine captive. Rolling his shoulder, a basketball sized energy burst echoed out slamming into the female sending her flying into the wall. "I will not play this game with you!" his voice was nearly a growl as he advanced towards the cage. "I don't have time to repeatedly heal  my warriors!"

Our heroine smiled, spitting the finger across the room before wiping her hand over her mouth, smearing the still fresh blood. "Then tell them to stop coming near me and I won't need to defend myself."

"Defend yourself?" the god was still holding on to the Australian accent. "Those bacchae are your sisters! You're to lead them..."

"My sisters? I have no interest in being anyone's sister. Nor do I want to lead them towards anything." she began stalking across the length of the cage. "All I want to do, is go to Transylvania, build a hotel, hang with my monsterous little pack of misfits, and shack some hot guy for the rest of my existence. Now that might not sound like a plan to you, but I think it's swell." our heroine turned a half step, the trenchcoat flaring out like a skirt as she did. "Instead, you and Loki swooped down all those years ago, telling me Elvis talked to you and you were seeing spots. And next thing I know, I'm not just doing my best Buffy impression but I'm handed over like a deed to a chunk of land every time a new king wears the crown."

The sandy haired god smirked as he took another step towards her. "And what do you think your current king did before he met you?" his blue eyes became cold slits as he eyed her up and down. "No wonder Loki fell in love with you. You're both so dreamy eyed believing the world can be better than it is. One reality after another and all you've got to show for it is the fact you can't let go of your heartstrings. Neither of you." Bacchus turned snapping his fingers as he did, the lights going out as he left the room.

Ten Years Ago...

Edric zipped up his jeans as quickly and quietly as possible. Looking over his shoulder at the still sleeping female he picked up his shoes and shirt tiptoeing across the room. The hotel room door clicked shut causing him to grind his teeth together in a silent prayer. He didn't let out the breath he'd been holding till he was in the elevator moving. Tossing his head back against the wall he ran his hands over his face, getting dressed. The elevator doors opened revealing the lobby of the hotel, the sunlight as deafening as the noise of the customers. Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Edric walked as fast as possible down the hallway towards the staff entrance.

"You're late." his buddy's voice said as he slammed his locker door already dressed for work. "Please tell me you at lest had time to shower." 

"Not just yet. Can you cover for me for another ten minutes?" he asked grabbing his own uniform.

"Only if I can have table five all night." his coworker nodded towards the staff door.

"Yeah fine." Edric sighed rubbing his temple, eyes closed. "I appreciate it man. Means I don't have to face her today." 

"Couldn't be that bad?" his buddy said moving towards the exit, his usual deck of playing cards in hand. "Two bottles in and she's tipping more than we make in a week."  he started flipping cards like a fan.

"I just want tonight to myself is all." he said not bothering to look at his friend.

"Right, forgot, happy birthday man. Twenty-five man, damn. It's truly all down hill from here." his buddy laughed as he finally left the staff locker room, entering the main area of the casino.   Edric waited till he heard the door close, before digging into his pocket. Counting the money, he grabbed the little key he had tucked away in the pocket of his jacket and opened the metal storage box.

"Five hundred. Thanks you Mrs. Jones, for your contribution." 

30 seconds ago...

The sandy-blonde hybrid stared at the small calendar that was sitting on the dresser in the grandfather's room. Edric had been standing there for nearly half an hour in the doorway of the bedroom when Seward found him.

"About what happened outside..." the dark haired human began.

"Don't worry about it. It's a tense situation. You have any idea if werewolves get older?"

"Why? I can ask Vlad he might know..." Seward replied about to turn on his heels again to find the vampire. Edric reached out his left hand stopping him.

"Half way rhetorical question." his voice was pinched. "Dude, I think...I think I'm thirty-five today. I mean, yeah but..."

"Um, technically you were turned when you were thirty-four so..." Seward answered smiling.

"That's just it. The banshee side is frozen at thirty-four but the lycanthrope side is still aging I think...I think I'm thirty-five."

"Do you want to be thirty five?"

"Honestly, never thought I'd live to see the question answered." Edric's voice dropped to a whisper. "It's a little odd to even think about."

"Edric, you're immortal now. Thirty-five, or three hundred and thirty-five. You're good to go." Seward said with a slight hint of sadness to his tone. "Oh chocolate or vanilla?"


"For the cake. There is no way I'm letting you tell me it's your birthday without getting you a cake. I mean, dude, specially given we're up against evil covens and angry gods and who knows what else. Seems like the best time to celebrate something. Even for a moment, and even if it's just a slice of cake."

"You're so weird. I'm surprised Nosferatu never turned you?" Edric said shaking his head eyes closed.

"I asked but she told me to come back when I was well...your age."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Hang on I plan on screwing up the timeline even more.)

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