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The Nosferatu Adventures s12 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 308, chapter 308

Out of Time...

"That's what that blast was. No, that blast didn't come from there it came from my photo thing." Landin was mumbling out loud to himself as he continued to shuffle papers around on the edge of the bed. They still had him hooked up to an iv bag, which was nearly drained, causing the bleached blonde to have to be careful how he moved. "There is so much anger with this guy, so much regret." he continued as he held up a page that seemed to have been overrun by a spilled liquid. Sniffing the page, Landin felt certain enough it was safe to taste as his tongue darted out over it. "No that's ink." he nodded to himself.

"Who you talking to?" Edric asked as he appeared out of nowhere to hover in the doorway.

"Myself." the human replied not bothering to look at him. "Not allowed. I've had my fill of your lot. So you just stay right where you are on the outside of the hallway. Whatever healing my body has done, I really don't want it re-torn by you. Any of you."

"Memo received and read." Edric answered feeling slighted. "Not that any of this matters anyways." he continued on back out of the house, heading quickly down the street. The sandy-blonde hybrid had thought that being supernatural would mean he finally was part of something. But, it was turning out not to be the case. More and more he was really feeling the weight of being alone. These people whom he was forced to be around, were the only friends he had left. The only family he had ever really had. And it felt like they were purposely shutting him out inch by inch.  Edric continued walking until he found himself back at Quentin's warehouse. Another place that just reminded him how empty things had gotten.

Flopping down on his bed, Edric reached for the half empty bottle of water that our heroine had left by the bedside. The last time he'd seen her when Bacchus had kidnapped her. He was all out of anger. Self pity had moved into him, into every fiber of his being as he lay there on his stomach, tilting the bottle one way then the other. If he was suppose to be the all powerful creature everyone kept saying he was, then why couldn't he figure out how to get his sire back? There had to be a way to find her?

"There is a way."  the voice said from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Edric was standing, his eyes having turned to the amber-grey of the wolf, his nails claw like talons. Sniffing he smelled nothing to indicate anyone had sneaked in. He was alone in the vastness of the warehouse. "Over here boy."  The voice said from the direction of the bathroom. Crossing the length of the building in a blur, Edric stared into the mirror.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Someone who wants the same thing you do. To get Nosferatu back. She's important to me."  the dark haired male said from the other side of the mirror.

"How important?"

"Important enough." the reflection smirked showing off two very sharp teeth that seemed to be just a little too glass like.

"Why? Why is she important to you?" the sandy-blonde hybrid asked as he stood his feet planted firmly, his torso turned a half centimeter towards the mirror.

"Let's just say, I will cease to exist without her. I'm Iosef. Nosferatu's my mother."

"Na na na na!" Edric let his shoulders droop as he let out a sigh. Bringing his right hand up to the mirror in a wait a second gesture he turned fully towards it. "She already had two sons, Damen and William. I've been told all about them already and how she can't have any more because of the Frankenstein family curse of only two kids a generation. She's had them, and since both her and Dagan are immortal..." he shrugged "there is no way another round of kids can be born." he moved his hands as if brushing dust off them.

"But I'm not a Frankenstein. And I won't be born for another 75 years. Give or take a decade. Mirrors, some believe they were created to be portals originally. It's why I can see you in the past where you are, and you can see me where I am. "

"How can you possibly be Nosferatu's son if you're saying your not a Frankenstein? She is a Frankenstein, through and through. By marriage, by blood, by the whole death regeneration thing."  Edric commented suddenly feeling a slick sickness in the back of his throat.  Iosef's eyes flashed then from their human hazel to the amber-grey of the wolf before becoming the pure white of the banshee.

"I'm a Van Helsing."

 Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Oh yeah, we're going there.)

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