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The Nosferatu Adventures s13 p16

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 346, chapter 346

Five Hours Ago

The smell of roasted vanilla quickly became sour as the pan began to smoke. The woman in the tight fitting white dress with the oversized cherry pattern screamed as she ran away from the stove. Someone yelled cut into the headset just as Edward closed his eyes in frustration, his shoulders a knot of regret. "It's not that difficult people. Just butter and a few herbs." his words were spoken through clinched teeth as he pinched the bride of his nose. Opening his blue eyes, he cracked his neck slightly as he squinted to see the image before him. The actress they'd hired for the cooking show had disappeared, as had the kitchen set and the studio. In it's place Edward was staring into the depths of a black hole that quickly birthed blobs of green light. He hadn't had a vision in years. Stumbling a half step backwards he pressed the heel of his hand into his eyes telling his assistant that he had a migraine as he left the studio. Before he'd even gotten out of the building, he'd had two more visions at a rapid speed. All had one thing in common, the fact Nosferatu was in each. If he was going to stop any of what he'd just witnessed, he didn't have time to research the outcomes, or even book a flight for that matter. Edward had no choice but to take the risk and trust one of the three variations of the visions. He continued on out of the parking lot, dismissing his car, his pace as quick as his body would allow till he crossed from the cemented back lot of the studio reaching the thin line of trees that marked the edge of the city. Finding himself now on the small bike trail used by the local joggers in summer time, and a few random moose lost in winter, Edward gestured widely as he chanted a nearly forgotten spell. A small portal opened up in front of him as he stepped through finding himself on the other side of a large mirror.

About eight minutes ago...

The Seer leaned over reaching for the canvas bag Seward was holding, his right leg up in the air like he was skating, his cheek brushing against our heroine's boobs, his left hand resting on her hip as he balanced himself.

"Total accident right?" our heroine said with a sigh.

"Totally." The Seer replied straightening up, the smirk on his lips seductive by nature and not on purpose. Our heroine noticed how Finn's temperature rose a half notch as he stood just a little too still.

"Oh my god!" Nosferatu gave a slight smirk of her own. "That's why you weren't shocked by my biting you. He's your boyfriend!" she pointed then from Finn to the Seer.

"It's a snacking thing not a shacking thing." the Seer commented as he ran his fingertips over the canvas bag, the aura from it giving off a heat that seemed to pulsate in a sea foam green; not daring to actually touch the spellbook itself. "Speaking of former shackables, you need to leave before Quincey sees you which will be in about..." he screwed up his nose closing his eyes. "30 seconds." he tried once again to guide the female to the portal but she refused to move.

"You saw him?"

"More like seeing. Not a vision...well okay, I had this vision." he pointed to the floor. "Which is why I showed up here but he's on his way over. Like right ...too late." the Seer let his shoulders slump in defeat as our heroine turned to see a man she hadn't thought of in years. A man she didn't recognize because he had aged 25 years. "Geez babe. No wonder you keep falling for werewolves. That was one of your human boyfriends huh? He's like a yeti with all that..." he gestured then to his face to indicate a beard. " Like an orangutan and the abominable snowman had a baby."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Yes, the ex-yeti is real.)

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