Saturday, January 12, 2019

Coffee talk Jan 12th 2019

Spudguns!, it's a moderately cold and snow covered day where I am, hope your outdoors is treating you nicer where you are. Spiffy good.  I just wanted to run in for a moment and blabble.

The last two and a half months, I've basically done nothing but binge watch Crave and play video games on facebook.  I can say 100% that I liked half of what I watched. I'm still iffy on one show. I sat through the entire series of True Blood, and I still don't know if it was any good?  When it first came on tv, I saw the first couple of episodes, and just couldn't get past the third episode. I thought it was terrible. I really didn't care for the two leads, and I've never been a fan of anything that has to do with the US civil war. So that whole underlining story plot just turned me off. But, after a decade of people making references to things and me going "I don't know who that is." or "Where's that from now?" and them looking at me like I'd grown another  limb telling me it was from True Blood; and me shrugging cause I'd never watched it;  I thought why not? It was all there, all 7 seasons and 80 episodes on Crave. So I sat down and watched it. I have to say, I spent the first two seasons rolling my eyes asking myself out loud why was I still watching it?  It got slightly better around the end of season three. But, I still don't know if I totally liked it?

Dexter, on the other hand, I was consumed by. When I read the synopsis for the show saying it was about a serial killer, I had all sorts of negative remarks. Mostly, "why would anyone want to glorify that?" Then I found myself thinking, if it were a story about a vampire or a werewolf, that would be okay from a moral stand point. So, I dove in and was hooked. If it had been a story about a vampire or werewolf, it honestly wouldn't have been as interesting.

I find it ironic, that both these shows were based on book series.

Changing the channel for a second here, and I want to mention the show Charmed. If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that I'm a big fan of the original show. So when I found out there was going to be a remake-spinoff, I was excited. I actually get Charmed on 'W' here in Canada. Hard to think that in just a decade, television and society in general has changed so much, that the way the topics are handled is so different. That's great for society in general, having become more open. As much as the original show's Book of Shadows, was a main character all it's own, I'm loving the fact the new BoS is designed to be more like a real one. I didn't think I was going to, but I do. Where as the original show was based on Wicca, this one is based more on Santeria. As far as some of  the topics/themes go, that was one of the -pardon the puns- charms of the original show that isn't needed for the spinoff. With society being more open, some of the hidden metaphors are not needing to be hidden. Such as the pilot episode of the original Charmed having the character of the warlock being the abusive boyfriend/serial killer. The fantastical situations and characters that were metaphors in the original can mostly now be openly talked about.

And I've been binge watching movies the last week too on Crave. I may or may not get around to doing reviews for them all, but I have to admit, it's been nice to just watch movies again without having to think about it. When you do reviews for any length of time, you stop seeing the movie and just the points or flaws. It's been nice to just empty my brains a bit and just watch stuff for the sake of the tv being there.

Okay, I'll be back later in the week with one of the serials.

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