Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 46

Movie: I don't know how she does it
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Greg Kinnear
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Year: 2011
Format: Shaw Video On Demand

Plot: While working at a high stressed job, one woman tries to keep her marriage afloat. Meanwhile, she's started to find herself attracted to a coworker and her die hard assistant just found out she's pregnant.  All this plus dealing with her own insecurities.

This is based on a book.

Where as the original story is British, the movie is not.  It is a quick paced movie that seems to fly by without leaving any real impressions. 
I've said elsewhere on the internet that when I saw this back in the cinema that I didn't find it as I had hoped.  On this second go round, I still found that it was missing the real grab it's trailers promised.  It got tied up too sweetily and feels like they had to pull a stuffed rabbit out of a purse to make it a happy.  I would have liked more grit.

What do I think I learned from this film?
Stick to the list you'll feel better

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