Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 49

Movie:Elvira Mistress of the Dark
Starring:Elvira, William Morgan Sheppard,
Genre: Comedy
Format: DVD

Plot: Elvira is broke dealing with a local tv station when she finds out an aunt whom she never knew left her part of a major inheritance.  She ends up going to the small town to find out not only was her aunt a witch, she also has more family; an uncle who happens to be a warlock.  Now Elvira must fight her uncle before the next full moon to see who will receive the spell book and all it's power.

 This is the first time the Elvira character has been given a movie of her own. Up till that point, she was just a horror hostess and favourite guest star on other people's shows.

One of my all time favourite movies.
It's campy but still manages to keep it's wits about it. 
You can't help but cheer for her in all the mishaps that seem to happen in this movie.  The one liners have become catchphrases in their own rights.  {I know what you heavy metal weirdos do to hotel rooms read all about it in the Star} 

What do I think I learned from this film?
Dreams come true. And you don't have to fit in to fit in, you sometimes don't even have to fit into your dress.

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