Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 52

Movie: How To Loose a Guy in 10 Days
Starring:Kate Hudson, Mathew MaConaughey
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Year 2003
Format TV Edit

Plot  : A reporter for a popular women's magazine is given a chance to prove to her boss that she should be allowed to choose her own articles if she can write about how women scare off men in under ten days. Little does she know that the man she's picked as her target is trying to win a bet of his own, to have her fall in love with him in the same amount of time.

This is one of those over the top stories, that plays like any other romantic comedy.  Most movies speed up the process of dating for the fact they need to fit everything into the movie. This just slaps on a smarter gimmick to do so.
I really was not that impressed with this film at all. It left me shaking my head at the screen. This is the type of movie that Kate Hudson was tailor made for but it just made me feel like I was watching the same old thing I've seen a million times over in other romantic comedies.

What do I think I learned from this film?
A man will put up with anything if he knows there is a deadline and if his job is on the line.  Some women just have all the luck.

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