Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the Banks of Newfoundland

Movie:  Down to the Dirt

Where: my living room

Reason for seeing it? It's about a guy from Newfoundland

This is one of my favourite Canadian films. It's not a new one, it's been out for a few years now, but I haven't watched it in over a year so I thought I would dig it out.

It is based on a novel by Joel Thomas Hynes, a Canadian writer/actor.   He also stars in this film.
As does Hugh Dillon (Hard Core Logo, Flashpoint, Dance Me Outside, Trailer Park Boys, Ginger Snaps 3-Ginger Snaps Back, )

This is one of those harsh dramas that pulls you in and chews on you for a bit. And if you haven't seen many Canadian films, this is a great place to start.

It focuses on a couple in their late teens, early twenties and how partying tears them apart. Each believing what they are looking for is each other, when what they are really looking for is themselves. There is a very subtle quite chaos to it, that leaves you wondering if you should feel sorry for the characters or not?

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