Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Year 2 Mid-season...The Rest of the Story

The Nosferatu Adventures
 Page 1, Chapter 1

In the year 2013, our story follows a not so brave woman as she goes on a quest. Some would say a spiritual quest, some would say she needed to face her past demons, and others still would say she was just bored and had a large collection of movies in her tiny apartment.

Packing a small armory in her vampire themed lunchbox,(very tiny, mostly swizzle sticks shaped like swords from her last time having martinis and bat shaped stickers from a Hallowe'en craft project)  she grabbed her vampire printed binder and set about doing research on a long loved but never truly forgotten source of movie history; the vampire genre.  Digging deep into the very bowels of this pit of despair, she made her way through the blood soaked fears and joys, hoping to learn something about herself and society in general.

Along the way, there were many challenges in the form of snow, ice, migraine headaches, uninvited company, and temptations in the form of a creative writing roll and Wrestlemaina weekend. But these set backs were not mere road blocks, these road blocks were mere set backs, and could not keep our heroine down for long. (I refuse to tap!)

Day and night she toiled filling boxes of decrepit earth... no wait, that's a line from Dracula.... She continued her quest to spend a year neck deep in the vampire sub-genre, only to be .... forget this paragraph it's not working out.... Day and night she toiled filling boxes of decrepit wait, that's still a line from Dracula... trying to keep her sense of humour as she wondered if anyone was still listening to her other then the handful of wrestlers who had been the base of her fiend club. Still, she trudged on.
In the beginning of the quest, it was easy for our heroine, she was able to stake the vampires, using only her witty puns and a small unsharpened charcoal drawing pencil, and still have time to back flip over other movie genres. (okay this is where the links come in for the flashback) 
Seeing Hobbits and Mice and Meat oh my! But it didn't stop there, she also swiftly made her way through a forest of bad Houses two Heartbreaks, okay Make that three, spotted some flying Fish, and hung out with 007.

But our heroine needed more.  More skills, more thrills, and more chills, to help balance her quest. There was only one thing left to do. Our heroine had to call upon the Magic Ninjas.... (watching a lot of old JCW this week hang in there with me) to guide her through the next phase of her quest. To help get her over the desert and back to the graveyard....

Tune in later for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your

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