Wednesday, October 30, 2013

HW 2013 Day 7

movie: Fun Size
starring: Victoria Justice, Jane Levy
genre: Comedy
year: 2012
format: online (netflix Canada)

plot: A teenaged girl looses her brother on Halloween night, and spends most of it trying to track him down. In between wrecking her best friend's car, shooting a man in a parking lot, and hitting the coolest party in school.

Okay, I feel cheated. This was in the Hallowe'en list on Netflix Canada, and it ended up being more like a teen romance.
The stuff with the younger brother was funny, he wanders off, gets kidnapped, sets firecrackers and toilet papers someone's house; with the guy who works the corner store.  But, the stuff to do with the main character and her friends, old hat man. Stuff we've seen a million times before in old teen comedies from the 1980's. 

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