Thursday, October 31, 2013

HW 2013 Day 8

Hallowe'en night

movie: Warlock 2 the Armageddon
starring: Julian Sands, Chris Young
genre: Horror, Fantasy
year: 1993
format: DVD

plot: During the time span of a week from a lunar eclipse to a solar one, the son of the devil is able to be born in a human body. His one goal is to find six rune stones that can open the doorway for the devil to return to earth. The only thing stopping him is a small group of druids, two of which are just teenagers. In order for their powers to be activated, both warriors have to die and be brought back to life.

I love the magic stuff in this movie, I hate the romance in this movie.

I've mentioned before how not a fan at all of Romeo and Juliet, I am; and this movie not just plays out the story in modern cheesy form, but has a scene straight out of the play in the beginning to solidify the idea.

Beyond that, this film serves up enough story, enough gore, and enough end of the world cliches to hold it's own any day of the year.  I like the idea that one of the elder druids is also a priest. There's a nice mix of inner conflict with his character, but doesn't 'demonize' the other religion like some movies have.
One of the opening scenes within the first few minutes, has a woman put on the birthing stone while looking up at the lunar eclipse, and within a minute has gotten magically pregnant and given birth to a full grown man. The pan of her apartment right before hand, gives a suggestion that she's into the mystical with statues of gods/goddesses, angels/demons etc. It's a great set up of the darkness/light/good/evil duality that runs through the entire film's subplot.

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