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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 64, chapter 64

"What?" our heroine asked looking over her shoulder at the male. Dagan shrugged as he opened the door to the cabin and walked out into the night. It had started raining and the werewolf let the magic mist swirl around him, removing his shirt as he stood just under the edge of the roof, letting the rain that was running from it wash over him. Running both hands through his hair, he slicked it back, shaking the extra water from his hands at the female.

"My patience has worn as thin as that slip you're wearing." his words were merely a breath as he leaned over her, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Or barely wearing." he sniffed at her, nudging the strap of the slip with his nose.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"This place has become too crowded." he gestured first towards the Seer who was still sleeping on the sofa, and then towards the two bedrooms. Rolf and Reuben had argued over who was going to get the spare room, which ended in the two of them transforming into their wolf forms and racing for it. They hadn't returned yet.  Our heroine pushed the male away from her. "You still feeling like you're going to puke?"

"Yeah. I was going through some of the old witch's books trying to see if there was any explanation or a remedy or something, but there is nothing to indicate what might be the cause." she commented pointing towards the stack of books a few feet away. Dagan touched his hand to her cheek making a face like he'd tasted something bad.

"You're burning up. Which is weird, cause you're a vampire you can't get sick. Unless..." he took a step towards the Seer, peering over the edge of the sofa then returned to stand beside her again. "it's got to do with you two both being energy suckers? I mean, him being a sidhe, draining the life from people when he seduces them, you being a banshee, draining the life energy from people when you slurp from their veins." he brought a hand up to his neck tapping on a vein.
The other two werewolves ran into the cabin, growling and barking as the large onyx one chased the caramel one around the table, around both Dagan and our heroine, and then back out into the night. "I think Reuben won." he smirked as he leaned on the table. "Anything else, like the flu would have been burned out of him hours ago with the werewolf side of him. This has to be directed to his sidhe side. Which means, it's most likely magical. And only contagious to you." Dagan grabbed her turning her towards the bedroom. "Come on, get some sleep, I'll dig through the books for a bit."

"So you plan on staying? " she asked letting the male herd her to the back bedroom. He nodded grunting. "So are you planning on stealing the spare bedroom while the other two are fighting over it or just kick the Seer off the sofa even though he's half dead?"  Dagan said nothing, as he stood up straight to his full height, nodding as if agreeing with someone, chewing on his bottom lip.

"Go to sleep don't worry about it." he said pushing her into the room, then  bent over hunting  around the floor for a moment, searching for something as Nosferatu got into the bed. Finding what he was looking for he climbed onto the bed, biting a piece of his thumb nail off, sticking it into the wall. "Here." he started to shake the bed, as he stood up, his left foot beside her skull. "This will keep you company for awhile." he continued as he tacked the dream catcher up onto the wall.

"'re like a little kid you know that?" she brought both hands up trying to keep some space between them as Dagan sat on her stomach knocking the air out of her. 

"Pinned ya.Oh hang on. You're like glowing like neon." he commented as he put his hand out beside them making a bouncing motion before placing both hands on his hips, still sitting on her stomach. "I mean, I know you're pale but this is ridiculous." the bed squeaked as he jumped off of it and went into the living room, turning out the lanterns. "Huh just as I thought. He's glowing in the dark too. So that's got something to do with whatever this illness is." he stood there scratching his jaw, chewing on his bottom lip again. "Don't jellyfish glow in the dark?" Dagan started mumbling to himself as he moved around the living room, grabbing the blanket off of the chair in one quick smooth movement, crossing to the stack of books that were on the kitchen table, and heading back into the bedroom.
Plunking down on the foot of the bed, making it squeak once again, he opened the large volume, the edge of the blanket in his mouth chewing on it.

"What are you teething or something?"

He glared at her over the edge of the book before nodding. "Or something." He wiggled making the bed squeak yet again, clearly enjoying how it annoyed her. "Maybe your mad ramblings of jellyfish are so mad ramblings after all?"

The sound of the pages flipping echoed in the small room lulling our heroine to sleep. "Answer me something." her voice was heavy. "Couple of times now you've been able to when in wolf form, stop yourself from ripping me limb from limb. Why then when you're in human form, you can't?"

The male sighed as he dropped the book between them on the bed, stretching out beside her. "In my wolf form, it's all instincts. Survival is the only thing that matters, you're not a threat to my survival. In our human forms, we can't control the emotions that come with it. They're heightened."

"Are you saying I'm a threat to your survival only when you're human?"

"You're a threat to my sanity." he nodded, his eyes wide, eyebrows raised, mouth open. "My life was perfect before you came along. Hunted humans whenever I wanted, no one questioned my position as alpha, didn't have to wear clothes all the time."

"Oh such a hard life I've caused for you. So sorry for the inconvenience. So evil I am making you wear pants." her voice became a whisper as she drifted to sleep.

The sound of Rolf slamming someone against the side of the cabin, and a window crashing woke her a few hours later. Jumping out of bed, she ran to the front door, smashing into the Seer who was standing in the doorway wrapped in a blanket. They stood there, watching as Rolf had a guy by the collar of his jacket pushed up against the outside wall, threatening him.

"What's going on?" our heroine asked.

"That dude you were talking to when I got here, seems he did something to make Rolf mad." the Seer shrugged as he looked at her over his shoulder. "That slip is  really thin, see right though it." he gave her one of his smirks. "You should really put some clothes on."

"My dress is drying from where you puked on me." she shook her head in disbelief. "What's Finn doing back here? He went home." she pushed past him and outside to see what was going on.
The large male roared as he tossed Finn across the yard into a tree. The familiar was back on his feet in a blink, hissing.  "What the hell?" our heroine screamed as she stood beside the very tall very angry werewolf.

"That!" Rolf pointed to the cart that was a few feet away. "Ask your little buddy here why he's got a dead timber wolf in his cart?" Rolf was spitting foam he was so angry, his eyes amber-grey, his fangs exposed. Flicking his hair out of his face he advanced another foot towards Finn, but stopped only when our heroine jumped in front of him, literally putting all her weight into stopping the large wolf.

"Rolf! Please, please." she shoved at his chest trying to get him to back up. He didn't move, didn't even sway a centimeter. His breath was hitting the top of her hair in hot rapid gasps as the still angry male stood his ground. "Where are the others?"
Another growl escaped Rolf, as he shook his head beginning to calm down. When he finally acknowledged her, his fangs had retracted and he wiped his mouth. 

"They went to the market square to get stuff." he raised his hand gesturing towards the cabin, then ran his hand through his hair in frustration.  "I was in the back working in the garden when this thing pulled up with his cart full of..." he let out another roar.

"Okay, please go inside. I'll figure this out. Please." she started to shove at his shoulder trying to get him to move. Rolf gave in, in frustration as he stormed into the cabin.

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (Straight up story piece.  Something tells me that we're not going to like Rolf when he's angry)

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