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The Nosferatu Adventures S3 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 71, chapter 71

Dagan leaned over the female, blood dripping from his lips, matted in his hair, pooling under the body. He'd already ripped the object from her, digging a hole a few feet away from the body in order to bury it. He turned back around to look at the work he'd done, seeing nothing in the thick darkness of the forest, blinding even his vision. Throwing his head back, the wolf howled in frustration, morning the others. Hundreds of wolves lay dead before him.

He woke up to find himself still sleeping on the floor, one of the love letters plastered to his face. Dagan sat up, looking around the empty bedroom, the smell of toast and coffee filling his senses. Managing to get to a standing position, he brushed the page from his face, as he shook out his shoulders getting his composure. He found Reuben and Nosferatu in the kitchen, having coffee while laughing and whispering. Straightening to his full height, Dagan moved around them getting himself a cup of coffee, mindlessly adding three large spoonfuls of sugar to it.

"Nightmares?" Reuben asked as he scratched at his ear. "I could hear you as if you were in the room with me."

Dagan nodded grabbing a chair and dragging it between them. "I guess this timber wolf thing has gotten to me more then even I realized." he plunked down on the chair, slamming his coffee mug on the table, turning towards the female.  Pressing his nose to her, he sniffed deeply tracing her shoulder, across her collar then down to her heart before she shoved him away. "Did you tell Reuben what we got up to last night?" he slurped his coffee nodding, gesturing with the mug towards his buddy. Dagan smirked his eyes flashing the amber-grey for a split second, before taking on a coldness to them which made his blue eyes that much scarier. "We decided...well I decided but she didn't object, to strengthen the sire bond once again." his voice rose with something hinting at anger. "So..." he brought his left hand up making the bouncing motion, chewing then on his bottom lip. "So don't be surprised if we..." his voice cracked on the word we, causing him to clear his throat. " we...if we, us, her and myself." he closed his eyes then tilting his head till he was touching her. "start acting cozy. Might get a bit more cozy, which happened at the castle." then the werewolf started to grab for her hand bringing it to his face, "Fix my hair for me please."

"Oh my god, you're already having a mental breakdown." our heroine replied, her pale fingers delicately brushing his hair.

"So no more feeding off of anyone else. Not even good old Reuben here." he sat back up straight slapping his buddy on the shoulder. "And no more hanging around that talking cat!" he bent his face back to her chest grabbing both her hands bringing them to the sides of his face. "Seriously, I think I'm getting a migraine."

"And my fixing your hair helps how?" our heroine asked, her own voice taking on a harder edge.  Reuben nearly choked on his coffee, he was laughing so hard.  She pushed him away from her, getting up from the table and walked out of the cabin.

"Yeah that was slick. You know she's going straight over to Finn's?" Reuben remarked as he linked his hands behind his neck, rocking back in the chair.  Dagan finished his coffee reaching for the old kettle once again, pouring another cup, his hair falling across his eyes, his tongue slightly out of his mouth, eyes shinning bright.
He then held up his hand mumbling to Reuben to hold that thought as he went to the chair in the corner of the room, digging something from under the cushions. He made a dramatic gesture of shaking out the article showing Reuben the dress, then placed it back in it's hiding spot.

"I grabbed the dress off the laundry line last night. And that shirt she was just wearing, she wouldn't dare go too far in it, barely covers anything." he crossed back to the kitchen grabbing an orange from the small bowl of fruit on the table. "Take her hours to find something to fit."

"You going to tell me about your nightmare?" Reuben asked as he continued to scratch at his beard.

"I was in this grave site filled with timber wolves, burying something." his eyes became distant as he allowed himself a brief second to remember the dream. "Hey, do you remember how many of them that we did bury that were females?"  Reuben shook his head. "Okay, I think we might need to go back to the burial grounds find out. Something about my dream makes me think we are really missing something."


Ash was sitting by the outside oven when Rolf made his way to the cabin. "That another trenchcoat?" he asked as he took a seat beside him. Ash snickered as he shook his head, holding up the piece of leather he was working on.

"It's a skirt. Well, the base of one. I took one of my wife's and followed the design. After seeing Nosferatu last night in that pitiful excuse for clothes, thought I would make her something warmer."

"I don't remember hearing you complain." Rolf teased as he flicked his hair out of his face.

"She has no idea." he sniffed, his very heavily tattooed hands working the stitching at a blur. "She's too innocent for her own good."

"I'm surprised Dagan has even bothered with her." Rolf continued, picking up a piece of firewood, breaking it into smaller pieces just to have something to do. Ash smiled meekly clearing his throat.

"You make it sound like you don't approve?"

"I don't." he said flatly, his mouth turning downward. "She's got a good soul, hearts in the right place but..." Rolf turned in his seat looking for another piece of firewood. "Dagan will get bored then what happens? By then it will be too late. Too many people will get hurt."  he put the one piece of firewood under his shoe, stomping on it.  "Has the Seer said anything else about who might have started the fire?" Rolf asked changing the topic.

"Nope. Then again..." Ash replied holding up the nearly finished project. "How can he? I gave him two large doses of fairy dust. He'll be out till tomorrow." his shoulders squared as he gestured towards Rolf. "I'm serious. Technically, I'm still the alpha. If I say I'm going to ground one of my pack for misconduct, you better take me serious."

"And you wondered why I never challenged you for the position?" the large male then stretched yawning. "Where are you putting everyone? You've got one bedroom and a sofa. And besides yourself and the Seer, Leo is still here."

"Leo has decided to set up a hammock on the porch. He's spending most of his time outdoors."

"Well, after 30 years frozen in a glass coffin, wouldn't you? I'm surprised he even decided to transform back to human. I can't even imagine not being able to be in wolf form for even a day." Rolf shook his head, making a chewing gesture as his eyebrows knitted together in worry.

"What else is bothering you?"

"The next full moon. We just can't have a repeat of the other night."

Ash shook out the finished skirt nodding to himself at how well it turned out. "You worry about everyone but yourself. Sure you don't want to be alpha?"

tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story again, cause yeah.)

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