Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p5

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 159, chapter 159

She shouldered her way through the crowd  "Great, it had to be a cage." she breathed the words, shaking her head. Rolf was standing, more like swaying, on his heels, his upper back dangerously close to the walls of it. And our heroine could see from the burn marks on the werewolf's flesh, it was made of silver.  "Deja vu."
Closing her eyes, she gathered her courage and started to walk around it, looking for an opening. There wasn't one. Lest not one to the outside.  The banshee spotted what looked like a tunnel that lead to the cage from somewhere in the back of it. There was no way for her to get into the cage, or even close enough to help him. Rolf was going to have to fight the brute on his own.

"He's no longer your concern. I let you sacrifice yourself for him once before. This is his fight alone. Let him prove he's worth your faith." Bacchus said over her shoulder. "You've got other things you need to worry about now." he handed her the leather bag. "Here you'll need this." Our heroine looked inside seeing her binder, lunchbox, the talisman she'd taken from The Seer's spellbook, the clothes Ash had given her, and a few other items she'd gathered in the last year and a half.

"I'm not going anywhere." she said through clinched teeth, her shoulders slumping.

"Yes you are." Bacchus touched his right hand to her throat, causing everything to go black.  Our heroine woke to see the moon high in the night sky, vines seemed to be growing around her with every breath, tangling her within their brambles. It took her hours to rip herself from them, all her strength, leaving cuts that healed as quick as they appeared. She started walking in the direction she was facing, which she believed was west. Nosferatu screamed as she found herself thrown backwards into the bramble again. There was an invisible wall keeping her in place.  "I can't let you go back there. I've banned you from the kingdom, from the darkest forest." Bacchus said calmly, shimmering into view. "You're done with those dogs. You've gotten what I needed you to have from them and now they are a distraction."

"They are my friends..."

"No talking." he raised his hand causing our heroine's throat to close. She clutched at her neck, unable to breathe. "I let you keep your mementos of them, be grateful." he gestured to the leather bag. "Consider it punishment for Harker. It was his time to die. Had you not interfered he'd have moved on like he was suppose to and Rolf would not have failed." the god smiled, his lips exposing fangs and his eyes flashing  crimson, reminding her of a panther's in shape. He waved his hand towards her again, letting her breathe once more. "You screwed the pooch."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story.  Well, it's suppose to be a grand adventure)

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