Thursday, October 23, 2014

Year 3 Day 126

Hallowe'en Week 2014

movie: The Crow
starring: Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott,
genre: Action, Fantasy, Crime,
year: 1994
format: DVD

plot: A year after a brutal double murder, one of the victims is brought back to life to take revenge. Unaware of why or how he's brought back, he follows his spirit/animal guide, finding each of the gang members who were responsible, working his way up the ladder. Along the way, he manages to get closure with the cop who tried to solve the murder and the teenaged girl who'd been one of the closest people to him when he had been alive.

Based on the graphic novels and the first in the franchise.

Anyone who's ever seen the film, or even the trailer for it, knows the energy it has.
It's beautifully shot, eerie in all the right places, manages to make sense while asking you to believe the impossible. Romantic, violent, desperate, suave, dreamlike and all while taking on a series of hard to deal with topics. (murder, rape, incest, drugs, arson)  

I liked that the Day of the Dead was used as the driving force of supernatural energy to bring him back, therefore there was no need to get into if he was a vampire or a zombie or what have you. I always thought of the Crow movies as vampire films actually but that's me.

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