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The Nosferatu Adventures S6 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 161, chapter 161

Our heroine woke to the sound of panting as a blast of hot breath hit her face. The golden coloured wolf ran out of the room at being caught watching her. Slowly she got out of the bed, checking her leather bag hoping there was a bottle of blood hidden inside. Huffing, she let the bag drop to the bed, making her way out to the kitchen.

Jarl had left a kettle filled with water on the stove, and a small cup with what looked like instant coffee in it. There was a small note beside it saying the group had gone fishing. Making the cup of coffee, Nosferatu thought about how the place reminded her of the wild west.  She sniffed suddenly as the smell of wet dog over powered everything. She didn't have to look to know there were at lest five werewolves coming towards the little house.

"You're up." Jarl said completely expressionless. He stalked towards her; leaving her feeling unsure if he was going to rip her throat out or not.

"Your bloodline is golden retrievers." the statement sounded like an accusation as she slurped her coffee hiding behind the rim of the cup.

"Some of us. Why?" he asked dumping four large fish into the sink, adding a bucket of ice to it.

"I woke to find myself face to face with a large blondish wolf. He ran away without introducing himself."

"That would be Gustav." Mason replied walking past her, sniffing. The tall brown eyed, dark haired male sat down at the table, shuffling a deck of cards. "Strip poker?"   Ferguson, Malone and Odo all pulled out chairs joining him.

"I'll pass." our heroine rolled her eyes drinking her coffee. Her nose twitched again, as her ears perked up at the sound of boots crunching, and footsteps heading towards them. She turned to see a 6 foot 5 bearded long haired werewolf hovering in the doorway, with a basket in hand. He said nothing, just stood there wide eyed. Finally, he entered the house, holding the basket out to her with both hands like an offering.

"Apples." he put the basket on the table, sending the playing cards and poker chips scattering. "Can you bake? I was really hoping you'd be able to make a pie out of these for us."  our heroine noticed he had a British accent.

"I can try." she replied as Gustav just stood there wide eyed, looking her over.


A chill ran up Dagan's spine as he walked down the dirt road, counting dairy cows. The smell of manure burned his nose, making his fangs itch. The smell was so strong, he almost missed the underling one. Wet dog.
Following it for the next few miles, he ended up in a small town. The trail took him to the main street, if you could call it that. Stopping Dagan surveyed the situation. A small school house, a tavern, an inn, few apartment style buildings, a general store and a church lined it. He could see another side street that had what looked like a few small homes and possibly the hospital.  Running his tongue over his teeth, the male snarled as he continued to follow the scent of wet dog. It took him straight to one of the homes on the side street. Banging on the door, he waited.

A short man dressed in red leather pants and a worn faded t-shirt opened the door. He said nothing as he sized up Dagan; the two alphas in a stand off, before side stepping. But Dagan didn't move, didn't enter. He just stood outside the front door, one hand on the door frame, his head down.

Our heroine raised her eyebrows in a quick movement licking her lips. The blood coursing in his veins like wild rapids was all she could hear, even from across the room fifty feet. He'd been eating honey and sweets again, his blood tempting her to the point of her fangs breaking her gums. She moved without thinking about it, without really realizing it till she was beside him.
Smirking, Dagan leaned his shoulders against the outside wall of the house, stretching his right arm out to close the door.

"Let's go find some shade." he mumbled grabbing the female by the waist, guiding her towards a large maple tree. Pushing her hard against it, he bent his face to her neck sniffing. His nose trailing across her collar bone, over her shoulder, all the while his fingers gliding over her pale arms. "Examination almost complete."   At lest that's what she thought he'd said. She wasn't sure of anything her brain was swimming with the thought of feeding. Remembering how thick his blood was, how much of a high it would be. She tried to talk but all that came out was a whimper as her double row of fangs got in the way.
The blood was warm as it gushed down her throat, clearing her head. The female's teeth were buried so deep into the curve of  her mate's shoulder that she hit bone. Her right hand ripping the werewolf''s upper arm leaving more droplets of crimson, while her left made it's way to his thigh, pulling him as tight as possible.  "I'm not human prey. Not going to bolt." his voice slithered into her brain as she let go, burping. "Very lady like." Dagan smiled.

"Haven't feed in days." she answered wiping her mouth with the back of her wrist. "All I could do not to devour one of them. Another hour and I wouldn't of had a choice."

"So what you're saying is you missed me."

"I was really hungry." she cooed reaching her hand up to brush his hair out of his eyes.

Dagan closed his eyes continuing to smile. "But you missed me. Really."

"I haven't seen you in weeks." our heroine answered. She pressed her back against the bark of the tree, giving the impression she wanted to distance herself from him.

"So you really, really missed me." he let his arms drop to her waist, pressing against her.

"I've been holding the pack together, doing your job as alpha."

"And that pissed me off." he bent his nose to her face, nuzzling her cheek. "Doesn't change the fact you missed me."

"I didn't track you down. You tracked me down."

"Cause I knew you missed me."


The three of them watched from across the street. Their morning tea almost forgotten.  "She's not even pretty. Looks like a wild beast." Jessica said snorting. "How does someone who looks like her land someone as handsome as him?" She moved the lace curtain to get a better view of the two strangers.

"Must be very rich."Elizabeth remarked swirling a sugar cube into her cup.

"But she doesn't look like she's wealthy." she fanned herself with the folding lace fan for effect.

"Maybe she's a witch?" Maryann added. "Cast a spell on him to love her?" her tone was somewhat dreamy as she nodded to herself, her needlepoint forgotten in her lap.

"Must be something. She's been here less then 24 hours and already all the men in the town have stopped coming around. Whatever it is, got Gustav to bathe." Elizabeth added stuffing a cucumber sandwich into her mouth.

"Either way, mark my words by tomorrow night, that man will be mine."  Jessica stated turning from the window to look at her sisters.

Back at the tree...

Our heroine slapped Dagan's chest gently. "So what's the news?"  The tall male tilted his head to the side, his eyes squinted.

"I haven't read the paper. Does this place have newspapers?"

"How's Harker? Is Rolf safe?" she stared up at him suddenly half euphoric half worried.

He shrugged. "I don't know. Rolf didn't return with us. Reuben and I just sort of got sent home. And I haven't seen my brother in months. Since the ship."

She shoved him hard, causing no affect. Running her hands over her face she groaned. "So you have no idea what's going on? Why I'm here? What kind of alpha are you?" The male shrugged again bending down to face her, his hands now planted on either side of her face on the tree trunk.

"Loki told me Bacchus is gone off the rails." he licked the corner of his mouth, his thumb thumping a drum solo near her ear.

"Yeah, to punish me it would seem. Harker got stabbed and when my blood didn't work..."

"What do you mean? My brother's alive isn't he? He's human right?" he voice rose as he shoved his face into hers. "Right?"

"...alive now yeah. Lest he was when I was forced to leave the Fort. Dont' know about totally human..."

The male growled as he jutted his chin out eyes wide.  "Fort? What the hell were you doing there? Listen to me, talk to me here, why were you at the Fort?" the anger was causing his shoulders to tense up, as he involuntarily moved his lower body a few inches away from her.

"...the deal was he saves Harker and I give him my blood. Only, I didn't keep my end exactly. Not on purpose. He...Necromancer...fixed Harker and that's when the collectors showed up for Rolf's soul...uh the tiny piece I have. Next thing I'm in Odin's prison and Rolf is fighting in a death match."  Dagan shook his head in disbelief. "Then Bacchus showed up freed me, and banished me from the kingdom. Said I was to blame. I screwed up and caused Rolf to fail because I chose to save Harker."

"Damn it!" he punched the tree sending bark splintering everywhere. He made a face like he'd tasted something bad, moving from her in a circle, one hand at his waist the other at his hair before turning back to her. Growling, his eyes changed to the amber-grey of the wolf. "Can you get a mental message to the Seer?" he tapped her forehead hard leaving a bruise. "That freaky psychic link you two have?"

"I can try."

"Do it! No try, just do!" he screamed spitting. "Tell that walking ouija board what you just told me, and have Reuben get here double time." he moved from her pointing. "Don't talk to me! Not another word until Reuben arrives. Just tell them to find Harker and do it quick!"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Oh the drama)

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