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The Nosferatu Adventures s6 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 162, chapter 162

Dagan leaned on the desk, waiting for the room key. He saw our heroine turn slightly beside him, her attention towards the window, squinting.  "You hear him then too eh?" he said as he raised his eyebrows. "Don't think I've forgotten about the fact you two..." our heroine made a clicking sound dismissing him. "He was just using you."

"I'm flattered that you're jealous of me. Don't worry sweetheart..." she nearly spat the word. "I only got your boyfriend dirty once."

"Don't get fresh with me." he shook his head at her.

"Fine. I'll go be fresh with Reuben. I'm going to go up the road, meet him." she was out of the building before Dagan could blink.  She made it about a half mile away from town when she stopped dead in her tracks, swearing. Someone had dropped what looked like a half bag of sunflower seeds. Bending, the vampire started counting.

"Just the bloodsucker I was waiting for." Loki's voice seemed to work it's way around her, touching her cheek. Looking at him, she continued counting. "Take you're time. I'll just wait."

"176" she said standing. "Loki, never a pleasure." she crossed her arms tight over her chest for some reason feeling the need to give her boobs a boost.

"Sweet talker." he smiled, wrapping his arm around her, licking the palm of his hand. "It's time." he whispered as a sharp pressure of pain doubled our heroine over. "Trust me, I'm doing you a favour."


Gustav was returning from having collected the wild flowers he brought to the sisters every week, when he spotted the creature attacking the new female.  "Hey!" he charged towards it, grabbing it's arm forcing it to turn towards him. Stumbling back, Gustav recognized the amber-grey eyes of another werewolf. He went flying thirty feet backwards into the field, as Loki batted him aside snarling before turning his attention back towards our heroine. His muzzle brushing against her neck, he shimmered away.

"It was like a werewolf but not. He was standing on his two legs like a man, but it was as large as a tree. His fur dark as pitch." Gustav was talking fast, pacing back and forth a few minutes later in Jarl's kitchen.

"Werewolves don't stand on two legs. Maybe what you saw was an angry bear?" Mason added.

"No.No.No." he shook his head. "It was a werewolf but not." he started to raise his voice.

"Why'd you just leave her there?"


Nosferatu coughed as she vomited against the nearest tree. Everything was going black, gravity threatening to take her when she felt the heat of Reuben's body next to her's as he caught her. Grabbing her up, he tossed the female over his shoulder and continued to follow the scent of werewolf into the main part of town.

The dark haired male felt his muscles begin to go rigid as the scent of the other pack invaded his nose. He was more then alert, more then ready for a fight if it came to it. It didn't take the pack more then a few seconds to decide to investigate him from their doorways. Ignoring them, Reuben entered the inn, sniffing deeply, following the trail of Dagan's scent to their room.  Dumping our heroine on the bed, he flicked his long hair out of his face. 

Dagan looked at his friend, then over at his passed out mate, then back towards Reuben. "You brought the kids?" he said pointing to Tombstone.

"Just this one." he bent scratching at the hellhound's ear. "He's been a whimpering baby for days looking for her."

Jarl was suddenly standing in the doorway. "Need to talk." Dagan sniffed his arms crossed over his chest, feet apart as he weight the idea. Slowly he moved out of the room following Jarl outside. "Just saw that guy carrying your mate into town. Right after Gustav said he saw some large beast attacking her. Said he tried to stop it but was tossed across the road. Said the thing was on two legs but was a jacked up werewolf."  Dagan leaned his upper body closer making a chewing motion, shrugging.

"Don't worry about it." he patted the other alpha on the shoulder turning on his heels quickly heading back into the room. Jarl growled as he swore about to challenge him but thought better of it.

Our heroine woke to a weight on her chest, opening her eyes just as a wet nose sniffed her face. Tombstone was curled up beside her on the bed. "Baby!" she rubbed the hellhound's face like an excited child.

"Oh sure, the mutt you are glad to see, me you puked on." Reuben mumbled from his seat on the dresser. The female sat up, feeling like her head was going to explode.

"Morning sickness?"she shrugged blushing suddenly feeling like the room was spinning.

Reuben's jaw dropped as he jumped down landing with a bounce. "Loki again? When how?"

"Two minutes before you got to me. And same as before, glowing orb lots of pain." she climbed out of bed, the hellhound tight beside her. "Actually, half the pain."

"Before you were full vampire. Banshee flavoured. Now you're half werewolf. Rolf flavoured." Dagan commented leaning in the doorway. "This pack says one of them saw a two legged man beast attacking you." he couldn't hide his grin as he petted Tombstone. Dagan would never admit it, but he missed the timber wolves they had rescued.

"Beast? It was Loki. I would have noticed if another thing was killing me. Only one there was Loki."

"Well, Gustav claims he saw an almost seven foot beast, black fur, wolf eyes standing upright. Also said he bit your face." he instinctively rubbed his own jaw.

"Loki kissed me. On the nose. Winked at me before shimmering off. Told me to trust him that this was a favour he was doing for me."

"Then what the hell did he see? Dude must be on drugs." Dagan added scratching his neck."Which he obviously isn't sharing."

"Unless he saw Loki's true form?" Reuben replied stretching his hands up trying to touch the ceiling. "What's true for him anyways. He is the god of shapeshifters. Maybe that's the image he has of Loki?" he rubbed his hand over his beard finding fluff and what he thought was a piece of rabbit fur.

"Then why do we all see him the same?" our heroine asked. "We do all see him the same right? 5 foot 10-ish short dark spiky hair, brown eyes, pale wears a lot of shirts with the word Detroit on them..."
she moved her hands around gesturing to her chest.

"Yeah. That's what he looks like to me." Reuben remarked fixing his long hair into one of his trademark too smooth to be human ponytails. "Only, he wasn't like that before we met you. Before..." the male raised his hands up then out. "he was more disturbing. Dog like...big black mastiff on steroids." he held his arms out like he was holding something bending at the knees then slightly leaning back for effect.  Dagan scratched his elbow head down, remembering months before when he'd summoned the god, learning that he'd taken the image from Nosferatu's dreams.

Biting his bottom lip, suddenly feeling nervous, Dagan shuffled his feet. Running his hand through this hair, he took a half step towards our heroine pulling her roughly towards himself. The quick movement caused her to gasp. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, the werewolf rested his chin on her hair grunting. "We'll deal with that later. How's my brother?"

"The Seer is looking after him at the old witch's cabin. Honestly, other then some memory loss he's fine. Never know he died."

"Memory loss?" Dagan's voice started to become low, his arms tightening a slight bit around Nosferatu's shoulders.

"Little things. What he did last month, who his last employer was. Recent stuff."

Dagan started moving his chin in tiny circles against the female's hair. "Next bit of business. We get Rolf back. So I need you since you're here, to go pay a visit to your little friend Prince Kraven. Sweet talk that witch of his. Teshi. Have him locate Rolf."

"Teshi isn't interested in my sweet anything." he almost sounded like his pride was crushed.

"Then threaten him. Pay him. I don't care just figure something out." He took a deep breath, breathing in the subtle scent of magick still clinging to our heroine from Loki's attack. Closing his eyes, Dagan let it invade his sense. He was feeling relaxed, confused, almost euphoric as he slammed against the wall, the female still in his grasp. Snarling he looked at Reuben over the edge of the female's head as if daring his buddy to challenge him.

"Holy wooden stakes and crosses Batman. What's going on back there? You need a hand with that?"

"And that's my cue to leave." Reuben grinned wide as he grabbed up Tombstone leaving the room. 

The image of Loki laughing at him flashed behind Dagan's eyes. Clearing his throat he loosened his embrace nearly tossing her across the room. "Nope. I'm good, fine." his voice squeaked. "Just..." he cleared his throat again. "Establishing territory in case any of Jarl's pack is watching." he ducked his head and shoulders out the room door as if checking the hallway.

Tombstone got the scent of something following it to the side street. The beast became agitated as it paced in front of the sister's house, growling and pawing at the window. Reuben grabbed the hellhound just as a marmalade coloured cat jumped up on the window. He could have sworn the way the cat was placing it's paws on the inside of the window and meowing, that it was trying to get his attention. The way someone bangs on a door screaming for help.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. The cat came back...)

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