Sunday, October 19, 2014

year 3 Day 125

movie: Knights of Badassdom
starring: Steve Zahn, Jimmi Simpson
genre: Comedy, Horror
year: 2012
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A group of role players spending a weekend involved with a dungeons and dragons game, accidentally perform a real ritual from a real grimoire, unleashing a demon.

A stoner, wizards geek and a metalhead walk into the woods...I actually liked this. There was just enough silliness for the horror to work, and just enough gore for the comedy to fit.  No, I didn't say that backwards, if this had taken itself seriously as a straight up horror, it wouldn't have worked at all.
Zahn and Simpson are both amazing comedic actors, who always seem to turn any script into something worthy.
I loved how the last two and a half minutes are a throw back to old heavy metal videos from the 80's.  You're totally expecting to see Iron Maiden or ManOWar to come tripping out of the bushes.  In fact, this film has all the elements of an old 80's horror movie, the campers in the woods, the cool metal guys, the geeks, the jock type etc, only they are not as cliched.
The one thing I have to say though about the demon, which looked like a giant gremlin in it's last scene, was that it wasn't as much a succubus as it was a ghoul.  

This is the part where I point out that in the middle ages, certain musical notes were banned because they are so low, they activate the lower chakras with their vibrations; ironically the same lower scale used in most heavy metal music.  Pointing it out because of the use of heavy metal music as a weapon. 

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