Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coffee Talk and a challenge

Got my coffee, and some Twiztid playing this morning. Thinking about vampire movies. Then again when am I not thinking about vampire movies...rhetorical there babe...I've been working every so often on a prop for the "what that movie inspired me to do" for a vampire movie. Two props actually. So, here's my challenge for anyone reading this who gets a kick out of those posts, or likes vampire movies, or is the arts n crafts type or what have you. 

Pick any vampire movie, and tell me what it inspired you to do.  Anything, from building a prop, to checking out the original book it's based on, to having a coffin build for your bed...anything.

No time frame on this, it's just whomever whenever you come across this post, leave me a comment and let me know.   Partly because vampires are always a cool topic, and part because I'm not finished my props yet myself.

Okay my little fang-club, till later.

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