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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p7

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 207, chapter 207


Reuben grabbed our heroine as she walked back into the camp. "Are you mad? Don't be mad." he winked at her, his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes sparkling as he did. He leaned in tight to her ear, whispering "We've located the mirror, we're leaving."

"Where did you find it? How did you?" she asked as Rolf and Finn both huddled beside them.

"The prince has it." Reuben said quickly rubbing his free hand through his beard. His other hand still gripping the female's arm leaving bruises.

"You know this for sure?" she found herself reaching up with her free hand to brush his hair out of his eyes, while balancing the spellbook in her other, part because she needed to look like they were sharing an intimate moment and part because it was driving her insane seeing it in his face.

Rolf grunted as he leaned over both their shoulders."Finn did a locator spell. The king of the bloodsuckers has it in his tent. Think you can get him out of there long enough to let us snatch it?"

"Not in the slightest." she closed her eyes letting her shoulders slump. Rolf sniffed as he spotted some of Vlad's men watching them. Moving a few steps, the large male planted his feet; one hand formed into a fist, the other cupping it, as he stared the one guy down, daring him to start a fight. Dropping her leather bag and the book our heroine took advantage of the situation grabbing Reuben by the hair, pulling him down into a kiss. "Just in case he kills me for real, I wanted one last kiss." she bent to pick up her stuff again, bumping into Rolf as he half turned around before heading into Vlad's tent. He raised an eyebrow at them in amusement as the other werewolf stumbled in shock, wiping at his lips.

"I taste blood."

"Relax. I don't see anything." Rolf replied snickering at him. 

"Shack. You mutts are nothing but hormones." Finn commented under his breath.

"I know why I'm immune to the full moon ritual in regards to her, sharing a soul; but how come you didn't go into a heat?" Rolf asked his buddy. Reuben turned his eyes to look up at the taller male.

"The urge to kill the competition was stronger then the urge to reclaim her. Another few minutes and I would have." he shrugged. "Taking the alpha position from the other pack cut the ritual at the source."

Finn crossed his arms over his chest then gestured towards the still dead-undead lycanthropes. "And speaking of, they should be awake any moment. What's your plan for them?"

"Ah shack me!" Reuben sighed grabbing fistfuls of his hair turning to look at them as he puffed out his cheeks. "Didn't think about that part."


Tombstone didn't feel well. The half timber wolf-half hellhound had been shaking ever since the large winged creature dropped him in the middle of the graveyard. Flying was not for him. The creature was now waiting in one of the crypts, it's yellow eyes all you could see of it in the darkness.  The man who looked like Dagan but wasn't; had sent him home to find Harker. The beast had a hard time keeping from scratching at the collar he was now wearing, the little glass bottle attached to it kept clanking as it swung back and forth. But he wasn't going to whimper, this was an important job for him. Finding Harker.
With his nose now to the ground the hellhound tried to clear his mind enough to find the trail back to the cabin.  Which was not easy for him because the squirrels were taunting him, running in front of him, circling around before running up a tree. They waited still, trying to be unseen before climbing back down the trunk sending silent bits of bark everywhere. They were waiting for him to bark, to growl, to chase. But Tombstone was on a mission. He just did not have time today to play hide and seek with them.
He continued on down the one path leading through the village. The baker was home. Tombstone could smell fresh bread, cakes and buns. Licking his chops the beast hesitated at the doorway. Sometimes, the baker's wife would toss him the end pieces of the loaves, with sweet sticky honey on it. He felt his mouth start to salivate. Shaking his head, the hellhound ignored the temptation.
He was hardly out of the village when something familiar got his attention. His ears twitched as did his nose, suddenly, the scent of werewolf hot in the air. That was where he needed to be, he thought. Where this werewolf was, Harker must be too. Picking up speed, the hellhound followed the trail to the edge of the pond, getting more and more excited with each second.

The sight before him confused him. Stopping on the edge of the bank, the large creature tilted his head to the side sniffing again. The male sitting half in the water half on the land wasn't Ash or Leo or even the Seer. The bleached blonde male turned to look at him over his shoulder his eyes the amber-grey of the wolf. Magick flowing from him, around him almost like a cocoon.
Grabbing a handful of pebbles, the Necromancer tossed them at him snarling. Backing away a few feet, Tombstone watched as the Necromancer began to shift, his bones snapping, his human voice first screaming then becoming wet gurgles before finally a howl. Slowly, the now large caramel wolf stalked towards him, angry.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Home sweet home eh?)

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