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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p6

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 206, chapter 206


Our heroine stormed across the length of the divide between Vlad's tent and the cooking tent. Grabbing up her leather bag and the Seer's spellbook, she left while everyone was still frozen in place. She'd had enough of being told what to do, who she should be with, or why she should be with them.
She didn't get far, as a force seemed to scoop her up lifting her off the ground.  Next thing she knew, our heroine was on a small patch of burnt ground, prince Vlad before her.

He seemed much taller suddenly, and our heroine realized she was in fact on the ground having been dropped on her butt. "That was more then just any wizard. Tell me, what makes you so special that you would have the attention of a god?" the prince asked not looking at her as he took a step closer.

"What can I say, every Crichton needs a Scorpius."

"I am unfamiliar with these names." he crouched down to face her, his teeth gleaming.

"It's an Play, it's a..." she cleared her throat feeling the full weight of his eyes on her as if they could pierce her soul. " Fable really."she shook her head getting up. "Hey wait'em second, you were under a sleep spell. How did you..." she pointed mindlessly towards him then towards the direction they had come from.

"Was I?" Vlad smiled his eyes once again flashing the pure white of the banshee. "I learned a very long while ago, that when a god orders you to do something, best to just do it." he stood then too, his face rippling with what looked like the beginning stages of a transformation. "Or at lest act as if you are.Your boy said reclaim you as his mate."

"Reuben. And trust me, he's no boy." she heard her own voice drop to a seductive tone. Prince Vlad was emanating a version of the Seer's seduction spell, much like Victor had done time and time again.

"But how could he reclaim you? Isn't werewolf mating for life?" he reached his hand out to touch her face, trailing his nail across it, letting a single stream of crimson drip down her flesh as he sucked the blood from his finger.

"Kinda sick of men tasting me without giving any in return." she tried to move from him but found herself unable to. "And my pack has an unhealthy habit of getting themselves dead. Broken necks are a hazard in their line of work."

"Oh? And what work is that?" Vlad asked as he began to walk around her in a circle, never taking his eyes off of hers.

"Oh you know saving the world from evil monarchs, planting trees, helping lost souls cross over, riding the world of zombies, out smarting sea witches...oh wait they haven't actually done that part yet...the usual epic hero stuff." she shrugged as if telling him the weather.  Vlad snickered as he stopped just behind her, his arms raised just an inch as he held them at her hips not quite touching her.

"So this Reuben, this mate of yours. He seemed very willing to just hand you over after he gained the alpha position from that intruding pack. Yet, you've pledged your loyalty to him? This great love of yours seems less then worthy."

"I never said he was my great love. We're friends." she replied bringing her own hands up under her chest, one in a fist the other wrapped around it before crossing her arms.

"But yet he was your mate..."

"Full moon ritual. He didn't have a choice. We were stuck together alone." our heroine twitched her neck feeling her own fangs aching to break free of her gums, as her nostrils flared. She could smell blood on the air coming from the camp. The others must have unfrozen, the wounded once again bleeding freely. She turned on her heels to face the prince. "What exactly do you want from me?" she asked screwing up her nose at him.

"Dinner." he stated flatly. Turning then from her Vlad started to walk back towards the camp. "Sebastian brought you to camp to cook. I've yet to see anything edible."


Bryon stood on a chest of drawers, an iron fireplace poker in hand as he jabbed at the large angry auburn wolf. Dagan had turned without warning, howling and snarling as he made his way through the estate. Something was wrong with him, and not just in the typical bad hair day way shapeshifters were prone to. 
The short male was so busy trying to run away from the wolf that he missed Victor entering the room, missed him uncork a small bottle and the handful of fairy dust that was scattered across the room. Otherwise, he would have been able to get out of the way before being hit with some himself.
Bryon slumped first to the top of the chest of drawers, then stumbled to the floor, landing just inches away from the now passed out wolf. 

"Well, this is a crazy turn of events." Victor mumbled to himself as he stepped over his nephew in order to rescue his companion. He lifted the short male by the arms, dragging him out of the room and half way down the hall. Dropping him, Victor sat on the floor beside him, his hands dangling over his knees. Tombstone who had been hiding, peeked out of the empty room nearest the stairs, slowly making his way over to Victor. Whimpering he nudged at his elbow. "I don't suppose you know how to get a message to my other nephew Harker do you?" Snorting, the hellhound stretched out beside Bryon, resting his face on the male's chest. "Didn't think so."

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your (straight up story. Don't forget, the Seer is still off somewhere possessed by Pan...)

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