Sunday, April 19, 2015

Coffee Talk, vote and viewer's request

No, I don't look this good. This is a still from a video I did last week, where I was talking about the movie  Ninth Gate. And it was a balancing act I tell you, one shoulder forward slightly, one hip raised while turned just so, leaning forward as far as possible holding in my gut. While still trying to breathe and talk. 70 pounds gone without airbrushing just by turning towards the camera a certain way.(in the full video I moved and you can see just how much I really weigh...but I looked cute here so damn it!)

Illusion. Truly all it is. (I'm not kidding, I'm a 200 pound fat chick who managed to look 150 in this photo so yeah, I'm going to milk it!)

And not why I came in here.  I came in to do this post to ask you my lovely Spudguns! if you want this blog to start having videos?  I've been working on a youtube channel the last two months, and some of my videos are movie related. 

But I'm lazy and not going to put the time and energy into something that no one gives a crap about.  So this is where my faithful readers, you have to let me know, what do you want? 

To vid or not to vid that is the question...


  1. Yes, add videos here. Do it. Do it. Do it. DO IT! ;)

    1. You just are dying to see my messy kitchen. You may get your wish...