Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coffee Talk June 4th 2015

Spudguns!  So, as we by now know, the cult classic The Craft is getting a remake.
It seems to be a solid split down the middle with people on if this is a good thing or not?  A lot of those in my generation feel it doesn't need it at all, and the younger fans seem to think it's the most brilliant thing since sliced bread.

Here's my take on things.  Are you ready for this, cause it's important, earth shattering even.

It depends on how they handle it. 

Truly earth shattering for you right?  I mean, I have such depth and insight to the whole thing.  Seriously, I can see it being a good thing and I can see it being a bad thing.

The pros of doing this remake: if they get more in depth with the whole witchcraft element. Dive into Vodun, Santeria, Shamanism, Hoodoo, and really get with the reality of it.

Which brings me to the cons of doing this remake: if they water it down. If they decide to make it Charmed-lite, with the whole spotlight on Wicca's commercial side.  You know why everyone loves the character of Nancy?  Because she's not afraid to do what needs to be done. Where as the character of Sarah is just too...nice. 

If they decide to get a bit more Witches of East End, or Constantine with the script, then it could be good.  That is if they cast it right.

That's another thing. If they cast name brands for the sake of it, then it will be an epic fail. I think casting no-name brands in the leads would be better.  I also think it would have been an even better plan to have had it of more a sequel with the original four twenty years later, to see what their lives turned into after the events of the first film.
The main themes of bullying, class, gossip, trust, loneliness, guilt. All the original elements need to still be there. If any of those subplots or themes are removed, the film just won't work.
It will be interesting to see how they bring technology into the storylines?  The original was done before the internet/cellphones/ ruled the world. Will this distract from the main themes or strengthen them? 

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