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The Nosferatu Adventures s8 p18

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 218, chapter 218

Out of Time

Edward breathed deeply trying to calm himself from shaking, the water he'd just splashed on his face now in his nose as the droplets hung from his hair. Gazing up at the bathroom mirror, he jumped back seeing his eyes flash for the briefest second the amber-grey. He was terrified. "Just a dream. Not real. Can't be real." he looked up again seeing his own blue eyes once again.  Another handful of water to rinse out his mouth. 

That's when the voice echoed in his mind. "You can't keep me in here for long little wolf."  He screamed, his fist connecting with the mirror, shattering it. A large piece falling into the sink.

Loki shimmered into the darkness of the bedroom letting out a deep sigh. Running his hand across the bed, he made the dead neighbour and her red pajamas disappear, before shimmering back out.

Edward opened the door to the bedroom ready to call for help, only to find it empty. He practically threw himself at the empty bed, knelling on the crumpled sheets, both hands moving around the bed as if searching for some tiny lost item. Laughing then, he fell forward his face pressed into the sheets. He was loosing his mind in grand form.

"AAAAHHGGGRR!" he screamed as the cell phone began buzzing out in the kitchen. He snatched it up in a blur. "What!" he felt this seething rage suddenly.

"You need to be at work in half an hour." a voice he barely recognized said. Looking at the caller id, he realized it was his editor Loki. The line went silent as Edward stood there, not understanding how he even manged to be doing so? He didn't remember leaving the bedroom. Didn't remember making the walk through the apartment or grabbing the cell phone off the table. It was like all he did was think he should answer the phone and there he was.
Sinking to the floor, he pressed his forehead to the edge of the cold wall.


Bacchus stepped off the elevator smiling brightly at the secretary as he continued on down the hallway. Not bothering to knock, he opened the door to Loki's office. "White. Isn't that a bit cliche?" he asked closing the door behind him.

"I just kind of wanted it sterile." the dark haired god replied as he hit the off button on the cell phone, tossing it onto the large table. He scratched at his temple, his left knee bouncing suddenly. "Coffee? Tea? Bag of O Negative?"

"You're in rare form this morning. Any problems?"

Loki grunted as he moved around the room, patting down his pockets, before holding his hand out. A pile of change suddenly appeared in his palm as he smirked, heading towards the hallway. Bacchus tilted his head following. 
The dark haired god's eyes shifted back and forth as he watched the little arm of the vending machine reach up slowly and move in it's mechanical way across the rows. It stopped just in front of a bottle of pop before grabbing onto it. Bending down to take it from the little shelf, Loki stuffed another handful of coins into the machine hitting more keys on the keypad, waiting for the arm to move across again. "I do love the sound of the Toonies as they clank into it."

"Huh. Going for the expensive stuff. Must be a big problem." the sandy haired god commented as he crossed his arms, leaning against the vending machine.

"Nothing I can't handle."

"You going to let me in on this?"

"Our containment has sprung a leak." his words were hushed as he stayed facing the contents of the machine, dropping another round of coins into it.

"Pan's out?" Bacchus said moving closer, his hands now in his pants pockets, his tie swinging between them.

"No. But, The Seer's been feeding. Hunting actually." he gathered up his loot, turning heading back to the office. Bacchus let out a deep breath as he turned sharply, following once again. The bottle of pop, four chocolate bars, three bags of chips, and a roll of rockets clanked onto the table as Loki turned leaning on the edge of  it.  "The werewolf attacks everyone has been putting off as animals escaped from the zoo or something. The string of dead women...those I've been cleaning up myself."

"I thought you suppressed the sidhe side? Isn't that why you picked this reality for him?"

"Yeah, well that would be the part were I said our containment has sprung a leak. I think Pan is controlling that part of him. Besides, it was bound to show itself at some point. The Seer was half sidhe before he was bitten and turned into a lycanthrope. I honestly thought we'd get a few years at lest."

"It's been barely two months." Bacchus slammed his palm down on the table, causing the roll of candy to start running away. Loki leaned over, grabbing at the sweets putting them back into place in the pile.  "Just keep him contained till after Nosferatu gives birth. All hell can break loose then I really don't care."   Bacchus nearly spat the words as he ran his hands through his short hair, the edges of his suit jacket flying up around him.

Loki straightened up, his shoulders squared, his head tilted back, mouth open slightly as he crossed his arms. "You don't care because then what, you plan on taking her off with you to lead your army? Huh? We agreed on 150 years. You collect her after that time frame. Until then, she's mine. And by my calculations, I still have 148 years on my watch." he snarled.

"None of it matters if we fail and Pan gets a body of his own." Bacchus retorted. Throwing up his hands, he stormed out of the building.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your heroine...me(straight up story. Okay so I made Loki a stress junk food eater...)

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