Friday, June 5, 2015

Theme Week part 5- Vampires

Vampire Academy

plot: After spending a year on the run, a vampire princess and her protector are forced to return to the confines of their high school. They are barely back behind the doors when the school's popular crowd begin to torture them both in the typical ways, but under it all, is a plot to kill the princess.

This is a 2014 comedy drama starring Zoey Deutch and Gabriel Byrne. 

Based on the books.

It's increasingly harder and harder every day, for me to find vampire movies I've never seen before.  And I had stayed away from this one because of both the negative reviews and the fact its based on teen novels.   But, it was online so...

I was surprised it ended up being better then I expected. Not great mind you, but funny enough and with enough blood to at lest hold up against an episode of Buffy or Vampire Diaries.
It had more themes going on then you would originally think given it's a teen vampire flick. You've got the usual bullying, betrayal, desperation, jealousy, revenge, greed. And a few others like class status, political assassinations, religious conspiracies, responsibility, and self control.

There were moments that reminded me too much though of the old tv show from the 1990's  Kindred the Embraced. Which, as someone coming into this as not even realizing it was based on books till five minutes ago, I suppose was a good thing as it gave me something familiar to connect it to.

I do like the fact that both forms of classic vampirism was used, both blood vamps and energy vamps.

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