Saturday, October 24, 2015

13 Days of Halloween Day 6

The Revenant

plot: After a solider is mysteriously killed, he wakes up a month later in the cemetery. Not understanding what has happened and thinking he was accidentally buried alive, Bart turns to his best friend for help who deciding that he is either a vampire or a zombie, begins testing him with crosses and holy water, which have no affect, but it's clear Bart's in need of blood. The two end up killing a local gang leader draining his blood, which leads them on a killing spree in which Joey gets shot and Bart needs to drink his blood to save him, turning him. Things get completely out of control when they discover the gang leader is one of them.

This is a 2009/2010 horror comedy starring David Anders and Chris Wylde.

Don't eat while watching the first half of this movie.

This is a buddy comedy as much as it is a vampire-zombie movie. I love that they leave the character in the undefined category, really grabbing back at the original ideal of a ghoul as found in folklore. But if you've been reading me for long, you know I love when folklore is referred to breaking out of the "traditional hollywood" standards.

The film has it's Robin Hood moments, with the idea that the lead only attacks bad guys, taking from them, and playing up the idea that at first, he's very noble in his actions.
The actual opening scene where Bart becomes a revenant is done so that you never see who turned him. The open ended theory also plays on gothic stories and folklores.

David Anders is not only perfect for this, he could easily become the new king of the genre. (Vampire Diaries, iZombie and Once Upon a Time {as Dr. Frankenstein})

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