Sunday, October 25, 2015

13 days of Hallowe'en Day 7

Warm Bodies

plot: A few years into the zombie apocalypse, we follow a few of the zombies through their daily life. One of whom, after eating the brain of a young man, begins to take on his memories and emotions, falling in love with the dead guy's girl. Fearing separation from the new love interest, the zombie takes it upon himself to keep her safe, and accidentally exposes her to a worse breed of zombie.

This is the 2013 romantic comedy starring Nicholas Hoult and John Malkovich. Based on the book of the same name.

Have I mentioned lately how much I really really really hate the story Romeo and Juliet? Cause I do. I was always a Hamlet girl myself.  But...that's what you've got here, a zombie spin on the Shakespeare tale. And did I happen to mention this film is by the same people who did the Twilight films...enough said.

So the basic theme here that I gathered, was that whole idea that you should never give up hope, and to always have faith in love and never stop believing that everyone is redeemable.
They  really seem to play up the idea that love is blind, which I suppose it would have to be to date a corpse. Not too mention nose blind cause...anyways, half the zombies make it to the end of the movie because like the virus that is never explained that turned them to begin with; the love Romeo and Juliet feel, spreads like a ...virus. And the half that don't make it to the end of the movie, the weird skeleton zombies...yeah I don't get how that works either...have long since given in to despair and depression, having lost touch with their humanity because they lost the

Did I like it?  It was cute. Would I watch it again? Sure down the road but not right away again. Would I buy it? No doubt it.
Seriously, why people continue to think Romeo and Juliet is the big romantic story, is tragic. Cause basically it's telling a bunch of teenagers that that first rush of lust is the end all and that it never gets better therefore you should over react and kill yourself.   Dude, seriously, it's not meant to be beautiful, it's meant to be a slap to the face to tell people not to be that gullible.

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