Monday, February 29, 2016

year 5 day 89

movie: Innocence
starring: Kelly Reilly, Graham Phillips
format:Netflix Canada

plot: After her mother dies, a young girl begins going to a private school, and begins to find clues that not all is as it seems.

Based on the book

Right off, I have not read the book so I have no idea how this differs. But, this was terrible. The casting of Graham Phillips (The Good Wife) Noelle Beck (Loving, As The World Turns, Sex and the City) and Stephanie March (Law and Order) should have made this a better movie. The three were misused, with Beck and March being given only a minute of screen time and one line each. Either could have bulked up the lead making it more powerful. But instead, Kelly Reilly's performance doesn't do what it should.

To say the plot is thin is more then an understatement. It's non-existent. Grieving kid, private school with secrets, and nothing comes of it till the last two minutes. It's only then we are given the big secret, which is Lamia. The name of which is given sort of last minute by the young girl almost out of nowhere. But nothing is built on it. And then it gets muddled. It's obvious the producers wanted to keep the lamiae ambiguous, because they've got them sort of a coven of evil witches sort of succubi sort of immortal serial killers. Had they introduced the concept earlier in the film and actually built on the idea it would have worked. But sadly, there's no real dread given to the characters.

what did I learn? If you're going to use real folklore, then explore the damned folklore.

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