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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p12

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 260, chapter 260

Out of Time

Dagan leaned on the plastic cover of the grey machine his delicate senses twitching and echoing with each dull hum of it. This was the sixth book he'd photocopied in the last half hour, his werewolf speed doing him no good as it was the copier that controlled the moment. His patience was wearing thinner by the second.

"Da...Dag...Dagan." Matilda's soft voice fought to be heard over the rumble of the copier. "What are you doing?"

"Saving your books." he opened the plastic shielding tossing the finished book at the familiar before gathering up the pages. Which promptly slipped out of his hands and fell to the floor. "And you know, it took me more than a few tries to figure it out too. Give me a typewriter any day."

"And why might I ask were you copying these books?"

He simply pointed in the direction of The Seer. "He's working on a new one." The auburn haired male handed her the first book The Seer had been attracted to. In pieces. "He said he only needed a few of the spells, few of the pages on herbs."  Matilda cleared her throat at the sight of the destroyed book, turning to gaze at her friend and charge, who was silently sitting on the floor gluing photocopies into a small notebook. "What happens when he gets his full brain back?" Dagan asked leaning closer to her, handing her half the scattered pages he'd picked up off the floor.

"I don't know? He's never had all his memories since Loki brought him here. It's been our job to suppress Pan, and in doing so, keep most of his memories from him."

"So he's been a bucket of cauliflower for all this time?" Dagan asked suddenly feeling a sharp pain in his hand, rubbing the webbing between his thumb and finger.

"No. This didn't start till recently. When Loki first brought us over, Edward and me that is, he was himself. Mostly. Writer actually. Loki created this set of fake memories for him, a whole past even had him writing for a soap opera My Gothic Kitchen. Then one day he lost control. That's when Rufus was brought over to help. "

"Any idea what triggered it?"

"Not sure but it was about the same time Nosferatu showed up." Matilda tried to keep the hint of jealously from her voice.

Dagan grunted letting out a sigh. "You think the two of them being so close triggered it?" he felt a sudden heat burning his throat at the thought of them having such a connection.

"Yes and no. Honestly Dagan, I think it has more to do with what she brought with her than her." Matilda cast her eyes down suddenly embarrassed. The familiar turned first to step around him then stopped sidestepping back a half step positioning herself so that The Seer couldn't see her face, as she lifted up the destroyed book she was still holding.

"His Grandmother's spellbook? The banshee has it? Of course she still has it. She would have died for that thing." Dagan's own voice dropped a notch.

"It's what made the soap opera so good. His writing the spells they used, all his natural knowledge on the topic of magick. Without even realizing what he was doing." the familiar bit her lip, her eyes threatening tears. "More than once Rufus and I had to go to the studio and meddle with production because of it. The props department never had a clue that things he'd written in were the real deal." she sighed closing her eyes. "That's not all. He's got a similar book. Prized possession. I don't even think he realizes it's real worth?"

"Here?" Dagan pointed to the floor his own blue eyes wide. Matilda nodded gesturing for the shapeshifter to follow her. They crept up the stairs to the second floor bedroom. Closing the door behind her, her hands shaking as she did, the familiar caught the hem of her long skirt in the door for a second. Distracted by needing to free the material, she prayed Dagan hadn't noticed. Crossing a few feet she opened the doors to her closet having to climb up on a chair to reach the back of the top shelf. Carefully she unwrapped the large piece of green velvet-ish material showing Dagan the book.

"I hid it when we brought him here the other day after Nosferatu broke him out of his apartment. This book..." she put her hand on it fingers spread. The werewolf 's whole face twitched as he leaned his ear closer.

"It's humming." he interrupted her.

"It's really powerful. I think, no I know for a fact, this is one of the pieces from the broken book."

"Broken book?"

"His Grandmother's is part of it. There were stories back in the Darkest Forest about a book that had belonged to a god, or demon or something. It was destroyed, split, ripped up. Scattered around by knights. I'm fuzzy on the details, I was a timber wolf still when I heard the stories."

"And one of those ended up here?" he placed his hand just an inch above her's nearly afraid to touch the book's cover. He didn't need to be a witch himself to feel the heat coming off the thing. "So we patch it up with some duct tape and..."

"No!" she nearly screamed, her eyes wide. "That would be dangerous. No, we have to keep it separated from the rest of it. If the book Nosferatu has with her, Grandmother's book, comes too close to this one, there's no telling what could happen. Power like that would be a beacon" she shook her head wrapping it back up returning it to its hiding place.


The Darkest Forest

Kendra raised the small jar swirling it around waiting to see what colour the child's blood turned. Sighing, the witch put the jar back down on the wooden table with a hard thug before making a clicking sound with her teeth. "Well, you're right to be worried. The child is ill, only it's not medical." she moved around the room slowly one hand now at her hip. Tilting her head to the side, her dreadlocks brushed the shoulder of the cream coloured blouse she was wearing.  "This is what you get for mixing a Banshee with a mystical god." she moved her hand from her hip waving it around wildly. "All sorts of nonsense. And that's not even the worst of it." she turned her back again to Finn as she started to remove the shells and bones from a small selection of more jars. "It's the curse."

"Curse?" the familiar asked having dropped his thumb from his mouth where he'd been biting it.

Kendra nodded. "Hum-hm. Curse. That William you've got there. He was conceived by magick right? Loki pulled a piece of the soul from a werewolf and jammed it into that banshee am I right?"  Finn nodded grunting. "Huh. Right. That banshee that was mated first to one of those Frankenstein boys, had been pumped full of Victor's blood. Oh yeah, I know all about what that Doctor Victor's been doing all these years. Shame. There's nothing to do about this. Unless..."

"Unless? Unless what?" Finn asked suddenly feeling responsible for the kid.

She let out another deep sigh as she continued to mix ingredients into a pot. "Told you it's the Frankenstein family curse. Only two children a generation." she chuckled to herself. "Loki wanted to repopulate his lycanthropes. He tricked himself on this one. Every new one he...creates, uncreates the one before it."

"So you're saying..." Finn waved his arms around in a pretzel formation. "...that Nosferatu..."

"Not winning any mother of the year awards." 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yeah digging into the vaults to past seasons for some loose ends...s8 p19 if you want to refresh your memories)

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