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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p15

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 263, chapter 263

Out of Time...

Loki hit the button on the tv remote, muting it. He' been watching it like a magick mirror for the last three days. It was his way of spying on our heroine and Arthur; as they had been held up in a hotel since the night they learned she'd sired Edric, and the scene before him didn't need any volume.

"Pouting before breakfast?" Bacchus asked.  Loki raised his hand just giving him the finger not bothering to turn to look at the other god. If he had, he would have noticed that Bacchus had once again changed his form. Walking across the room, Bacchus got in between Loki and the tv screen. "Of all the porn channels you rented this?" he made a noise as he shook his head. The dark haired god said nothing as he continued to sit there, his chin on his hands."You could always just kill the human." Bacchus continued, running his fingers across his forehead smoothing out the new hairdo, his hair a dark sandy brown. Clearing his throat he tugged on the edges of his leather jacket, a black t-shirt with the word Detroit on it in full view. 

"It's not like you to wear a shape more than once." Loki grumbled.

"Thought maybe the retro shape would cheer you up." he winked, the ice blue eyes sparkling, his full lips spreading in an evil grin. "Thought it was time to get the team back together. Go to the reality they're from and take their place for a night, wreck some havoc, win a few tag belts in the process."

"You mean Nosferatu's original reality." Loki replied turning his own brown eyes up to look at the other god from under his lashes.

"It was her mind we raped first time we met her...well not the first time I met her, but the first time we presented ourselves to her as us." Bacchus said his one hand up fingers spread palm towards himself. He suddenly found his nails interesting. "and found she liked these images. These..." he stuck his tongue out as if tasting something. "...these men." he ran his hand down his thighs. "Wonder if they've aged much? These images?" Bacchus turned to the side sucking in his stomach. "Does this male make my butt look flat? You can tell me. I can handle it."  he snickered.

"Na, the hair makes you look dirty though." Loki responded biting his lower lip. Standing, the dark haired god stretched. "Actually, I could use the exercise."

Bacchus's smile brightened as he rubbed his hands together. "But you really can't go like that. Your suit..." he waved his left hand over the tv screen as the image of our heroine and Arthur fuzzed out like bad reception, causing Bacchus to slam his fist on top of it. The picture shifted then, exposing the two males in question selling a t-shirt with their logo. "He's changed his hair, and it seems fallen into a vat of wait it's just a tan. It'll fade I'm sure but if we're going to be them for a little while we've got to make sure we match the original copy."

"You're having way too much fun with this." Loki huffed shaking his head, his short spiky dark hair suddenly becoming shaved on the sides and back; the bangs growing about two inches hanging too long over his one eye.

"How you want to keep the real ones out of the way?  Freeze them? Send them to another reality? Your choice." he nodded running his right hand over his forehead again smoothing down his hair.

"Let's send them to that cinema reality. The one we sent everyone to few years back. Have them sit through a movie marathon for a day or so." Loki said snapping his fingers, a pair of red and black tights replacing his jeans. "What do you think?" he gestured towards the tights. "I don't know why this guy has to have a skull and crossbones on his ass?"

"You think he would try to distract from the fact its so flat not draw more attention to it." Bacchus nodded to himself, his lips in a duckbill. "Actually..." he ran his hand over the screen again switching the image to show them in a match. "I think...I think it's a skull...yeah a skull and swords. It's swords piercing a skull. He thinks he's a pirate or something."

"Pirate-Booty. I do like how his mind works." Loki smirked. "Who's pets are these two again?"

"Tyr's, I think. You've gone soft. The old Loki would have turned them to stone or locked them in a hell dimension. That pet of yours is too in your head."  Loki started to shimmer out of the room, gesturing to his ears indicating that he couldn't hear what Bacchus was implying.  Raising an eyebrow, Bacchus smirked. "Let's get her out of your head, and someone into her's."  he snapped his fingers then hit the top of the tv screen causing the image to change again before shimmering out of the room himself.

The lake on the west side of town suddenly appeared on the screen. The water rippling with activity, the surface cracking and bubbling as a figure leapt out of the water to land on the muddy bank. Vlad coughed, spitting up the cold muck of the lake, confused.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Well, he is a blood sucking fiend from beyond the I mean grave)

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