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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p8

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 282, chapter 282

Out of Time

Edric stormed back into the warehouse, shoving the oversized spellbook out of the way, our heroine still leaning over the table having been reading it.  The male snarled as he reached for her hand, dragging her out of the building.  They were half way down the road, heading off in the row of bushes before he stopped, certain that they were far enough that Quentin wouldn't see or hear them.

"I hate you. I hope you know that." the male hybrid said as he released her arm, grunting. "I hate you because I love you."  He shook his head in a double take, his eyes flashing the pure white of the banshee before setting into the amber-grey of the wolf. "What you did to me...ripping my throat out, feeding off me. Tossing me aside. In a trash dumpster to be exact. Like literally dumping my carcass like a picked clean Yule turkey. I might have been nothing but a wicked convenience for you." He grabbed her by the back of the skull breathing heavily, pressing his forehead to hers before shoving himself away from her. "You freed me. I was like a slave in my own life." he giggled. "My life was miserable before. I was trapped! I was in this...this situation." his voice became a lower tone as he strangled the last word. "And I was sure as hell thinking I would die because of it." he laughed then as he started to move around first shifting his weight from one foot to the other, crunching on dirt and fallen branches. Then beginning to pace back and forth a few feet. A squirrel ran past them, stopping a meter away as if to watch. "You have no idea how many times I tried to fix it. To leave, to just walk away from the whole mess. But I couldn't." he lowered his chin, his voice starting to rise in pitch as his emotions took over.Turning, Edric brought his hands up to lock his fingers behind his head. He bent forward, practically doubled over as he let out a howl of frustration that was more human than wolf. " I prayed for something. An answer, a reason, something to explain how I got to that point.How I let myself..." he wiped his hand over his face. "Then that night, by pure coincidence you show up." he had turned again facing her, his hand out towards her, letting it slap his thigh. "And ended my...ended my situation." The male swallowed a wave of embarrassment and regret, his eyes pooling with memories as he picked a bit of dandelion fluff from our heroine's sleeve. His shoulders fell slightly as he tipped his head back eyes closed, balancing on his left heel. "This new life you mistakenly gave me." his shoulders shook with laughter as he began to giggle in his mad way again. "Ahhuuhh!" he took a half step towards her then doubled back dipping his right shoulder. "All this power. This raw energy that I don't know what to do with." Edric stared at his hands then, flexing them, holding them to examine them as if for the first time. "This lust. This hunger that binds me to this body. This body." his voice lowered again to a whisper. Another mischievous grin played at his lips. "Oh good god! This body. This sack of flesh." dragging his one hand now across his chest, the hybrid tore chunks from himself, the wounds healing just as quick. He stood in amazement smearing the blood between his fingers. His fingertips hovered suddenly in front of her nose as he raised an eyebrow, "No? You sure?"  before licking them clean. "Calorie free." another grin caused him to bow his head, little lines spreading from his eyes. "You would think I'd have had a happier life." he sighed sniffing deeply. "It was good for awhile, in the beginning. Being fond over, having my choice of anyone. And I do mean anyone." his eyes turned back then to their human blue as he stared off at a point somewhere over our heroine's head. "Then...well then I met who I met and it became less a blessing more of a curse."  Edric ran his hand through his sandy-blonde hair grabbing a fistful. "I was nothing. I was just..." he waved his palms towards his chest again. "This body. This face. Something for them to show off to their friends, partners, just a trophy. Empty promises on top of self important jealousies.You know what really sickens me. That kiss bit ago. That mindless sire bond controlled kiss you mistakenly allowed yourself to plant on my temple. There was more honesty in it, then anything anyone has shown me in years." he laughed again through his teeth as his fangs began to emerge. "The sire bond might be making me love you, put the urge in me to protect you at all costs. And I really hate you for that." he moved towards her, a grunt filling the air. "If this sire bond effected you in even half the same way it is me right now, you know just how much I want to rip your guts out. Just how badly I want to drain every drop of your blood, and use your ribcage for toothpicks." his raised an eyebrow nodding towards her. "And at the same time." he cracked his neck hunching his one shoulder closer to his ear, his other hand in a claw like motion near his opposite ear. Taking a deep breath Edric grabbed his hair again. "You gave me a new purpose for this body." his left hand now at his solar plexus digging his nails in drawing blood. "And for that I love you." he grabbed a hold of her wrist once more, dragging her towards himself, before digging his nails into her hips, like grappling hooks, slamming her tight against him. Licking his lips he bent his forehead once more to hers "Ironically, you trapped me in this unchanging image. This mass of skin and bones that tortured me the last couple of years. I had long since loathed looking at myself and you in your own lust..." Edric pinched her chin between his thumb and forefinger.  "...for someone else; made it so I would not only have to look at this unchanged reminder, but that I finally have some perspective on what to do about it." he moved his hips expecting her to blush, expecting her to try to run from him like always. Expected her to remind him again that trying to become the pack alpha by claiming her, would force them to be mated for eternity. To inform him that he did not want that.

Our heroine said nothing as she let out a deep sigh of her own. Casting her eyes downward, she allowed herself a brief second to admire the male's form before drawing her eyes once more to his. She couldn't help it, the hybrid had the most intoxicating stare, more so, when they were their human blue. She balanced herself on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Deja vu." the words were a hushed breath as she pulled him into a kiss.The sandy-blonde male startled himself, as he automatically inclined against her, his own hands locking at the small of her back. A live wire of  electrical eels seemed to charge up his thighs, at the same time that he forgot how to breathe. An unnatural shiver slid over Edric as he felt her tongue dart across his top row of doubled fangs, licking the inside of his top lip, breaking  the connection when she broke the kiss. Moving her right hand down his body between them, confidently teasing him, her tongue darted out again, this time across his chin "Welcome to my world." she said flatly before moving from him.

Edric was left speechless as he felt all the air rush out of his lungs. Turning his blue eyes up to stare after her from under his lashes, the male swore. He was too late, Nosferatu had already done the spell to remove her soul.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Talk about using sex as a weapon.)

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