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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p9

The Nosferatu Adventures 
page 283, chapter 283

Out of Time

Edric punched the tree. The hybrid let his eyes turn pure white, his banshee nature taking complete control, as he screamed. The high pitched echo caused the birds in the area to take to the sky, while a few squirrels and a raccoon ran for their lives. Falling to his knees, he starting digging at the roots of the tree. Sniffing, mumbling to himself, the dirt becoming thicker, darker, wetter as he clawed at top speed. Clumps of it stuck to the fine hairs on his arms, his elbows and knees stained from it. His nails hit the hard surface as he dragged them down across the lid of the box. Edric stretched out on his stomach as he retrieved his prize. The metal storage box was much lighter than he remembered now that he had his supernatural strength to lift it with.  His hair had fallen over one eye, forcing him to mindlessly blow at it, causing it to ripple out from his face.
The male had buried the storage box nearly five years before, when he'd first started working at the casino.
Edric zipped past Quentin as he entered the warehouse, slamming the still muddy box down on the dinning room table, his hands still covered in the remains of his excavation. He didn't understand how he missed it before, the smell of the cotton and denim our heroine was wearing. She would have had to change into normal clothes before having preformed the spell, as removing her soul meant no longer having the ability to magick mist. He purposely grabbed her by the waist, his dirty hands leaving smudges and prints on the grey shirt she was wearing. Strangely giving him a small bit of satisfaction at the idea of his paw marks being imprinted on her. They were days away from the full moon, the pull of it already driving the thought into his fatigued brain, that he had to mark his territory with her. The hybrid leaned over her, his nose dragging across the edge of her collar bone. "The van-van oil wasn't just because you were at the shop, you splashed it on you on purpose. And the lavender. You did it to..." he rolled his wrist in the air beside her face. "enchant me. Sneaky. Double points though for it." he dropped his nose then to the very edge of her shirt, sniffing deep.
The soft heat of his palm pressed on the curve of her spine, as the hybrid held her in place, while he got a good long drag of her new scent. It hadn't changed much since she'd done the spell to remove her soul, but it changed just enough that he wanted to memorize it. Actually, Edric found it a necessary thing his werewolf nature demanded he do. He was not ready to give up just yet, he was determined to become the pack alpha. Now, more so to rub Dagan's nose in it than anything else. The sandy-blonde male looked up at his sire from under his lashes, a worried look on his face.  "Does this mean the full moon ritual won't..."

"No it still will. You and the others are still lycanthropes. The fact I no longer am doesn't matter at all. The first time I found myself in the middle of  the ritual, I was just a banshee."

"First time? What happened?" he was still holding her close to himself, his hand still pressing into her spine, causing the female banshee to arch her back halfway reclining on the dinning room table. His teeth were mere millimeters from the hollow of her throat, from the tiny vein that glowed still like a neon road map to her heart. A hot wave of his breath bounced back at his face as he breathed on her. One bite would be all he needed to strengthen the sire bond. One split seconds taste of her blood, then force his own into her system. His gums ached.

"The pack went into overdrive. And I chose Reuben. He didn't like it, mind you but he was my..." she moved her right hand to the fledgling's hair, tracing her fingernails through it. "anyways, we never...not that night anyways. He claimed me months later. Twice actually." she continued to run her fingers over his neck and ear; half way expecting him to growl at her.

"Enough. You're just giving me a headache." a sigh escaped his lips as he moved to his full height. A small tint of jealousy coiled itself in his stomach at the idea. "Okay, so this is what's going to happen. I'm going to take a shower, wash all this mud off. Then we're going hunting."

"We're not going hunting. You're not going hunting." our heroine said.

"Yes, yes we are." he licked his lips staring her down, his nose almost touching hers. Edric shrugged. "What do you care now anyways, you no longer have a soul." Grabbing her face in both hands, he dared to assert himself by planting a quick rough kiss on her. Wiping the back of his hand over his mouth the hybrid smirked as he crossed into the tiny bathroom.

"We're not going hunting." she mumbled once the door was closed. Quentin stood by the refrigerator he'd bought that morning, still trying to figure out where to place it.

"He feels robbed. The fact he can't be alpha now has left him feeling useless." the red haired human said point blank. "Poor guy's having an identity crisis. Besides, I think he might actually have a crush."

"Huh". she turned to look at the storage box tapping a fingernail on it. "Landin is sort of cute. They will make an interesting couple." our heroine smiled to herself. "Which reminds me." she stripped off the now muddy shirt, tossing it down on to the nearest chair, before grabbing a fresh one from a shopping bag. "I have a date." she moved across the length of the building heading quickly out the door. "Ruthven and I are going to see if there is anything in the spellbook their grandfather had kept, that will come in useful against The Seer. Don't worry, I'll be back soon. Ruthven is going to meet me at the ice cream parlor up the road. So I won't be too far from my fledgling. I should be back before the sire bond makes him crazy." she remarked speeding out the door of the warehouse.

Quentin stood there, his arms folded over his chest as he gazed first at the now empty space, then towards the bathroom door. "Crap."

Edric returned from his shower a few minutes later, a towel wrapped around his waist. It was real, something he couldn't magick mist, the smell of the laundry soap coming off it giving the hybrid a headache. "Where'd she go?" he asked in complete confusion.

"You want to be the alpha. You wanted to go hunting. You got her scent. Go, sniff hunt." Quentin remarked as he wiped out the shelves in the refrigerator. "How you suppose to be the big wolf on campus if you leave everything to everyone else? "

"Would you like to keep your tongue or shall I remove it for you make a sandwich with it?" the hybrid said as he misted a pair of track pants and a t-shirt.

"You know, for someone without their soul, she didn't really act any different. Wonder why?" the redhead commented as he got himself a beer from the little cooler before starting to add their groceries to the new fridge.

"Who cares." Edric made a sound that was something between a huff and a snort as he walked out of the warehouse. He waited till he was a few feet from the building, before allowing the magick mist to swirl around him again, replacing the outfit with a pair of dark jeans, cowboy boots and a long sleeve shirt. He followed his sire's scent, playing over in his mind the scene he figured he'd walk into. Our heroine at some bar, dressed like she'd just attempted to roll off some bad ad in a fashion magazine. Half drunk already dancing to some bad 80's rock band. Edric shook his head mumbling to himself about how she'd never be that obvious. No, he bet he'd find the trail leading him to some cinema playing an all night chick flick marathon. Stale popcorn and candy clinging to her hair. The hybrid giggled to himself making another half snort half huff sound as he continued on across the road.
Stopping cold, he looked around. "What the? You've got to be kidding? She went for ice cream?"
Sniffing, he growled as his eyes became slits. Ruthven's scent was heavy in the air. "Okay that I wasn't expecting." he grumbled as he entered the building.
All eyes were on him as he made his way across the room, heading straight for the counter. Leaning over so that his butt was on display, Edric winked at the teenaged server causing the girl to blush as she stared down at her nails. The hybrid smiled wide glad for once for his overly sensitive ears, as he was sure the girl was too shy to speak. Ducking his chin seductively, he ordered two mint chocolate shakes, and a large bag of chocolate covered almonds. Reaching as if to pay for the order he caught the girl's scent as her temperature rose a few degrees, her mousy voice telling him it was on her. He gave her another seductive smile as he turned from the counter. Taking his time crossing to the table where our heroine was sitting with Ruthven, a stack of notes, and photocopies between them, Edric had the entire clientele of the place, practically glued to his bumper as he stopped at the little half moon shaped table that carried all the plastic spoons and napkins. A fact for once he was enjoying way too much. Placing the one shake down in front of our heroine, he grabbed a free chair making sure to make as much noise as he could dragging it closer to her, making sure all eyes were still glued to him as he sat down. "Awfully public place for us to grab...dinner don' t you think." he said as politely as he could.

"We're not grabbing dinner here. I told you back at the house, we're not grabbing dinner. Not tonight, not anytime soon." she replied not bothering to look at him. In fact, our heroine was the only one in the building not looking at Edric. A point he was not going to let pass. Sitting up straight, he opened the bag of chocolate dumping a handful into his shake before offering the rest to her. 
Edric ran his tongue over his teeth making a noise as he leaned closer to our heroine, his left hand on her knee. Reaching down, she grabbed it moving it into the male's own lap. "Edric, you hate me remember. Just an hour ago you told me that yourself. The words dripped from your perfectly formed lips and now you have to stand by them." she replied still trying to decode one of the passages in the notebook.

"Yes, well an hour ago is already yesterday in some parts of the world. And now...I mildly don't." he turned locking his eyes with Ruthven's."You on the other hand, why...why are you here?" it was all the hybrid could do to keep from picking up the interloper and tossing him through the window.

"You really want to do this now?" our heroine asked sighing. She turned to look at him finally. Instantly regretting it, as the sight of the sandy-blonde male made her pulse race.

"Yes. Whatever it is, I really want to do this now." he nodded leaning back in the chair, his right elbow over the edge of it, slurping on his shake.

"Fine." she grabbed the drink out of his hand as he grunted, placing it on the table beside her own. Turning towards him, she wrenched his neck shocking him with a quick kiss. "Happy. Not going to make any difference. Sire bond can consume us for all it's worth. You can't become pack alpha if there isn't a pack."

The sandy-blonde male moved in his chair, leaning his elbows on the table, leaning over the notes and photocopies. "And what if there was?" he poked the table with his finger before turning his head to look at the crowded building. "Any number of these fine customers could become the newest members of our happy little clan. All it would take is a few bites."

"I would kill you. Rip your heart out, sever your head from your shoulders, gouge out your eyes and use it for a bowling ball. Then do the same to all your little friends." she said without a beat.

"I'd like to see you tr..." he slumped over the table with a small thug, our heroine haven broken his neck.  Ruthven jumped his chair scrapping the floor as he moved from the table.

"Sit down. He'll be fine in a few hours. I will need your help carrying him to the car though. Cause you know, he's so so very drunk right now, don't you agree?"   Ruthven nodded swallowing the lump of fear in his throat.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Now I'm just craving ice cream)

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