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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p13

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 287, chapter 287

Out of Time...

"What?" Edric said screwing up his nose. He moved from our heroine, kneeling on the bed still wearing his jeans. "You're killing me here. You know that right? Like seriously."  his voice dropped to a hush.  He was across the room his one hand in his hair, as he began to pace around. Twenty minutes before, they had been standing outside Edric convincing our heroine that he had been waiting for someone like her. Fifteen minutes before they were kissing and laughing, the tension between them finally broken. Ten minutes before, they had locked the doors to the building and made sure they were completely alone. Now the hybrid found himself walking in circles in the warehouse, shaking his head his eyes the pure white of the banshee. He didn't believe it, couldn't believe what she'd just suggested. he looked at her still laying on the bed, wearing only the oversized t-shirt. Running his hands through his hair the sandy-blonde male caught the sun slide behind the edge of the roof. Another couple of hours and none of it would matter. He was quickly loosing his handle on the situation.

She sighed as she got up from the bed, walking across the length of the building grabbing the coffeemaker. "I mean, really. We're not exactly in high school here." she mumbled scratching at her naked thigh under the hem of the t-shirt.

He gestured to the bed scratching his own thigh, mimicking her without realizing it. No one had ever questioned his sincerity when he'd suggested wasting a few hours. Then again, the stakes had never been this high. Edric wasn't used to being turned down by anyone. The sandy-blonde male was used to being the center of attention, with people offering him whatever it took to be able to sleep with him. But his sire wasn't taking his word for granted.

She began to hunt for a clean coffee mug. "You figure all you have to do is say all the right things and..."

"It wasn't just talk! I honestly meant it!" his voice rose in frustration, saliva sticking to his lips as he began to feel his spine tighten, and a ticking sound echoing in his brain. It would be dusk before they knew it.

"Then I'm sure you will mean it in twelve hours. After the full moon is set and the sun is up again." our heroine managed to sound both uninterested and flirty at the same time.

"The sad part is, I actually will." he all but jumped in place like a spoiled teenager his temper getting the better of him. "But in the meantime..."

Clearing her throat the banshee gave up her search for a mug and crossed back to where he was standing. Raising her arm to him so that her wrist was just under his nose she shrugged. "In the meantime." Snarling the male grabbed her wrist ripping into it, his right arm around her waist, his hand on the small of her back as he drank; holding her in place. Pulling his teeth from her flesh, Edric threw his head back, his eyes clouded; the amber-grey of the wolf flashing for the briefest second before returning to the pure white of the banshee. Dragging our heroine towards the bed, he brought his own arm up to her lips. Biting down hard on his shoulder, the circuit continued. "Oh! You weren't completely lying, were you?" she said as she found herself pressed tight against him.

"You change your mind then?" he asked wiping the blood from the edge of her mouth, licking his thumb. Gasping for air as the anger began to subside, he sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her with him.

"Not for a second. Come on, you really think I'm going to buy that? Huh?" she was sitting half on his lap. "Please. Don't think I don't know that you've been plotting and scheming all afternoon." she wrapped her arms around his neck once again unable to tear herself from his stare. "I just don't get what you think it will accomplish? You know right now Dagan is staying with Matilda and Rufus. The second the full moon rises both yourself and him will be like rapid dogs. Both will make a b-line for her. And unless they sedate him..."

"You said yourself. There isn't enough lycanthropes here in this reality for a pack. So while Dagan is under the influence of the full moon with Matilda; I'll be here with you." he kissed her shoulder as the thin shirt she was wearing once again fell down exposing it. The taste of her blood still tingling on his tongue causing him to repeatedly lick his lips.

"What part of this do you not understand? You can't claim me. No soul. Which means, even if there were enough for a pack, you can not become alpha. Not like that. Dagan will have a better chance because he will have claimed her."  our heroine's eyes became slits as she saw the grin spreading into Edric's eyes. "He'll have claimed her. She'll be his mate. For the rest of their lives. Oh you rat bastard."  The male hybrid tossed his sire down pinning her to the bed.

"And if my theory is right. Even if I can't claim you, the sire bond should be strong enough to counteract the full moon. If we are already..."

"Shacking and feeding." she replied. The male raised an eyebrow at her. "What? That's your plan isn't it?"

"You put it so delicately. Now, if we are already..."

"Ahead of the thing getting something straight between us." our heroine said without any emotions.

"You are going to be like this all night aren't you? One big dirty joke after another." Edric shook his head his eyes closed, chin down. "Unbelievable."

"You started it. Besides, not even dusk yet." she was trailing her fingertips through the smattering of hair on his chest.

"What'ya doing there?" he couldn't hold the grin back as our heroine shrugged. Echoing her, Edric shrugged as well, a slight awkwardness slipped over him, as he realized he was about to lose control of the situation. "But it should work." it was a statement not a question as the male shifted position once again kneeling; this time one knee on either side of Nosferatu, hovering on her thighs. "If Dagan claims Matilda as his mate, then come next full moon, we're all safe. The full moon shouldn't effect any of us again. And without your soul, it's just us wasting a few hours. Right." he nodded answering himself. "But the sire bond will need to be strengthened. Which means..." he grabbed her left hand, chomping down again on the soft underbelly of her elbow, swallowing a few heavy mouthfuls of her blood before ripping his own arm open for her.

"You're going to hate yourself come sunrise." she whispered holding his arm away from her, watching the wound heal. The sandy-blonde male saw a sadness creep into his sire's hazel eyes.

"No I'm really not." he replied. "I've meant every word I've said to you. I'm more than cool with us. You were right when you said the sire bond trumps everything." he ducked his face half laughing. "There is really no point trying to fight it. If my options are giving in to it, or shacking a familiar who used to be a timber wolf, or taking a human mate and pretending to be something I'm not; then..." he shrugged again causing the bed to shake. "I'd rather be with you."

"You're right, you're not going to hate yourself, you're going to hate me come sunrise. But, lest you're not trying to dress it up and say it's anything other than it is." our heroine said grabbing Edric's wrist bringing it to her mouth. "Bottoms up."

"Besides." he groaned as he felt the rush of his own blood being drained from him. "It would be extremely awkward having claimed someone else, and having to live next door to you anyways. The sire bond doesn't give much wiggle room for moving off campus." he bent his face to the mattress, slamming his free hand into it, before gripping the edge. His mind was becoming sharper with every rotation of the blood sharing. His veins singing with the infusions of her blood. Edric's breathing became laboured as he rocked back, the pressure on his arm released.

"No, no it does not." she sniffed, the blood forcing her to close her eyes relaxing into the mindlessness of the moment. A delicious heat spreading down her spine as her mind filled with colourful bursts.  Our heroine then felt herself being lifted off the bed suddenly and shook.

"What the hell?" Edric's voice was pinched. "Did you just fall asleep on me?"  he was leaning over her, balancing on his one elbow.

"What?" she opened her eyes the rainbows fading behind her eyelids. ""

"What was I just saying then?" he jutted out his chin, his hand slapping his thigh. Our heroine squinted wondering exactly when the fledgling had gotten totally naked?

"You were talking about not hating yourself in the morning."

"Fifteen minutes ago. You did fall asleep on me." the hybrid magick misted a pair of shorts as he moved from the bed. It was his turn this time to wander towards the coffee maker, checking to see if there was any in the little filter. "Unbelievable." he swore to himself as he dragged his thumb across his eyes. "I've dealt with a lot of bad..." he gestured towards the bed. "but someone falling asleep on me..." he tossed the sentence over his shoulder not bothering to look at her. "I didn't realize I was such a bore." he continued on his little rant as he hit the on switch, waiting for the hot water to hit the little mountain of grinds. The scent of the fresh brewed coffee hit the air, tickling his very sensitive nose; allowing him to take a deep breath clearing some of the cobwebs. Edric could have stood there all night just breathing in the aroma of the coffee, his heightened senses reveling in it. It was a new guilty pleasure he'd never admit he'd gotten into since becoming a hybrid.

"Your blood was just so calming." our heroine's voice was sluggish as she rolled over onto her side. "Had a nice calming effect." she yawned.

"What, and Dagan's never did?" he bit his nails suddenly not wanting to hear the answer. Edric willed the banshee to say she never drank Dagan's blood like this, but he knew from her confession about the sire bond getting out of control that wasn't the case. A tight ball of jealousy sat in the hybrid's chest physically hurting. Pouring the now hot coffee, he carried his mug towards the bed again, sitting down beside her on the edge. Slapping the back of his knuckles on her leg, he waited for her to wake up again. "Answer me."

"I'm up."

"Dagan's blood. Did it cause you to need a nap?"

"No." she sighed looking at Edric through blurry eyes. "I mean, it calmed me down from the bloodlust, didn't make me feel like this. Neither did Reuben's."

"Reuben? Hold on a second. You telling me Dagan, your sire, isn't the only one who you regularly shared ..." he gestured then towards her, tilting his neck to the side. "How?"

"We are banshees. We drink blood and there were no blood bags where my pack was. My pack were willing to let me fed off them. I've never kept that secret." she moved over a few centimeters for him to lay back down. The male hybrid cracked his neck turning from her for a moment, staring at the floor.

"So for you this really does mean nothing? It really is just shacking and feeding?" there was a hint of hurt to his voice that he hadn't expected himself.

"There is still time before the full moon rises. And as much as I hate to say it, Matilda is prettier than me."

Edric threw his coffee mug across the length of the warehouse watching it smash into pieces, the dark roasted liquid flying in an chaotic arch. "I don't shacking want Matilda!"

"See, I told you strengthening the sire bond was a bad idea." our heroine commented gesturing to the mess. "Makes you all crazy and possessive."

"That's it! I'm tired of this." he cast his eyes once more towards the window, noticing the shadows having changed again. Edric was rapidly losing time, as the full moon was getting closer every minute."We going to finish this or what?"

"Darling, we haven't even started this." she commented reaching for a blanket.The male ripped the quilt from her body, tossing it onto the floor. "I'm sort of cold there buddy."

"Yeah, well get over it! Cause it's nearly sundown and we don't just have that to worry about, we've wasted too much time already and Quentin and Ruthven will be back at some point."

"Oh hold your crickets! All you need is a three count. All any of them has needed to claim me in the past. Getting the pack alpha position and stopping the full moon ritual."

The male hybrid said nothing as he made a face, reacting as if he'd been slapped, blushing. He was about to stretch out on the bed beside her, when as if on cue, the door started to rattle the sound of Quentin's voice telling them to let them in.  "Damn it!" Edric turned sharply on his heels, heading towards the warehouse door. Opening it for his friends, the hybrid let out a deep sigh. "This is just messed up. Ridiculous." he said magick misting a pair of  jeans again, shoes and a long sleeved shirt he pointed at our heroine. "You seriously still with the plan?"  She sighed nodding. "Fine!" he crossed to the locked storage box, grabbing it in one hand before tossing the first article of clothing belonging to the female he spotted, at her.

"What's this for?" she asked tossing it back down on the edge of the bed. Edric swore as he scooped up first the blanket he'd tossed on the floor, then with his free hand lifted our heroine off the bed; wrapping the blanket around her and tossing her over his shoulder.

"We'll be back in the morning." he said taking two of the blood bags still in Ruthven's hands. "Be in a hotel."   He left the two humans in complete confusion as he stormed out of the building.  "I'm borrowing your car!" he screamed tossing Nosferatu into the backseat of Ruthven's car before roaring out of the parking area.

"Plan? Did he say plan?" Quentin asked.

"I think he did." Ruthven remarked in puzzlement.

"Plan? What plan?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Think someone's a little strung out?)

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