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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p14

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 288, chapter 288

Out of Time...

"So let me get this straight." Edric said as he tossed the room key down on the little table. "You're a Frankenstein, cause of Dagan having been your mate. A Blacksmith, because of Reuben claiming you. Frankenstein again, Oaken because of sharing a soul with Rolf, Blacksmith again, Oaken again because of one of the lycanthropes during the 1400's, a Dracula from marrying Vlad..." he shook his head in a double take his mouth forming a tight 'o '.  "No wonder you willing had your soul removed." he opened the little grocery bag they had with them, taking out a small box of cookies.  Our heroine moved across the hotel room, wrapped in a large sweater. The scent clung to her mind, informing the banshee it belonged to Seward. They had found it draped over the back seat of Ruthven's car. "I thought you said that taking a mate was for life?"

"It is. Dagan actually died once, actual death. That caused Reuben to claim me. But Loki brought him back from the dead. That sort of undid Reuben's claim on me the first time." our heroine remarked without any emotion in her voice. "Sun is setting. Are you sure this is what you want?"

The sandy-blonde male crunched on a mouthful of the chocolate cookies, brushing the crumbs off his hands before reaching for one of the pop bottles that was poking out of the grocery bag. Downing two large gulps, he nodded. "You make it sound like a death sentence."

"Trust me, come sunrise you will think it is." her voice dropped forcing the hybrid to strain his sensitive ears.

"I can't claim you." he stated firmly his hands now at his hips. "You've said it, Bacchus said it." he gestured towards the door. "So it should work. It should be just enough of a distraction to keep me from being effected by the full moon ritual."

"If the sire bond is strong enough. If not...then you will be pulled back across town. Where Dagan and Matilda are. And you really would have wasted your time." she paced slowly back through the room inspecting the bathroom. "Not too mention your dignity." she mumbled.

"How do we know that they haven't..."

"They haven't. The ritual literally gets cut off cold when an alpha has claimed a mate and leadership of the pack. You would feel it. Reuben described it as electric wires and heat coursing through him."

"Weren't you pack alpha once?"

"Only for a short time, but it was different for me, because it was when I was pregnant with Loki's first heir. He's the one who actually got the alpha position. The second I gave birth the power left me. I had to fight Jarl for it. But anyways..." she let out a deep sigh running her hands through her short spiked hair. Sitting down on the bed, our heroine pulled her hands deep into the sleeves of the sweater, her nose buried in the cuff. Focusing on Seward's scent, she tried not to think about what would happen if Edric's plan failed.  The bed bounced as the hybrid flopped down beside her, his legs crossed, hands behind his skull. Our heroine glared at him unable to keep from smiling. "You're actually acting like you're on vacation or something. Like you are enjoying yourself."

"I get to one up Dagan. Of course I'm enjoying myself!" he shrugged. The bedside phone started to ring suddenly. "Um." Edric made a popping sound with his mouth. "Did you tell anyone we're here?"

"How could I? We didn't know we were coming here till you literally swerved into the parking lot at warp speed."

"Answer it." he nodded towards the chunky black telephone. Leaning over the female picked up the heavy receiver just as Edric slapped her thigh.

"Hello...yes this I wasn't...thank you." she hung up. "We've got a problem." she started to laugh. "Um...Dagan and Vlad are in the hotel lobby."

"What?" the hybrid was off the bed and out the room door before our heroine could reply. "No! No! You know what? No!" Edric said coming back down the hall towards her, grabbing the door about to close it, then turned around stomped back in grabbing the room key. "Lock it! Lock the shacking door and windows!" he pointed at her then towards the wall before grabbing his sire by the neck planting a rough kiss on her. There was no emotion in it, the action was nothing more than Edric marking his territory, as his scent and saliva were all over her.

"Great." she said to the now locked door. "They're going to fight and I'm going to lose them all." she leaned her shoulders against the heavy wooden door. "Widowed divorced and abandoned in one fail swoop."

The auburn haired male wolf was leaning over the check in counter, his nails tapping on the smooth surface as they waited. He'd magick misted himself a black t-shirt, which seemed even more painted on than it really was. His blue eyes sparkling in the low humming lights. Vlad stood beside him, his hands clasped behind his back as he studied the photos on the lobby wall. Storming towards them, Edric demanded to know what they were doing there?

"It's nap time. Matilda and Rufus are back at the occult shop waiting with a big batch of sleeping potion for us. So come on." Dagan replied hooking his thumb over his shoulder.  Edric snorted.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." he glared at the older wolf. "Either of you." he pointed then towards Vlad. "I don't trust you two. I go out there into the parking lot and you will knock me over the skull with a crowbar if I'm lucky. Rip out my throat or something. No."

"We didn't sniff you out for you to argue. We don't have much time. Let's go."

The hybrid ducked his chin, pressing his lips together as he realized they didn't know about Nosferatu having removed her soul. If they did, they wouldn't have wasted their time trying to find him and keep him from claiming her. Edric still had the upper hand in the situation. His plan could still work, if he could just get them to leave. There was no way he was going back with them, no way he was going to be anywhere near Matilda when the ritual kicked in. "I'm not leaving her. Not before the moon rises."

"May I remind you, she is still my wife." Vlad said under his breath.

"Not for the last six hundred years." Edric answered. "She's here with me. That right there should tell you both something."

The three males turned almost in unison as the air around them shifted. Our heroine was standing suddenly a few feet behind Edric. "He's right you know. I'm here with him." she replied her right hand on the wall. She didn't want to get too close to Dagan, didn't want the werewolf to smell her too closely. She would smell different to him in a half a heartbeat.

"I'm not bowing down to him!" Dagan spat the words pointing at Edric.

"I didn't say you had to." our heroine commented never once breaking eye contact with her own sire. The auburn haired male shoved his hand through his hair slicking it back before rotating his shoulder, cracking his neck as if about to fight. The female smiled to herself. "I didn't say he'd be becoming the alpha. I just said, he's my choice." she reached for Edric's arm, forcing the younger male to stumble back a step. "Leave. Both of you before it becomes...please just go home."  Edric moved down the hallway back to their room, walking backwards the whole way never taking his eyes off of the older wolf. Our heroine dragging him, trying to keep her own emotions under control. Edric let out a short breath as he locked the hotel room door, his back and shoulders pressed against it. The look on his face was somewhere between relief and annoyance. His eyes were cast down, his jaw clinched as he began to tap his one hand on his knee. Our heroine was centimeters from him, holding her breath.

"Sire bond or no, he still gets under your skin huh?"

"For what it's worth."

"Hey, look at me please. Hi right here." he cradled her chin forcing her to look him in the eye. "I'm not going anywhere." he said smiling, his blue eyes sparkling. "There's nowhere to go. The sire bond has seen to that. It doesn't matter if you're mated to..." the hybrid clutched his stomach grunting.

"Damn!" the female said her delicate hands cradling either side of his face. "It's started and there is no way they have gotten back to the occult shop. I'm sure they haven't even left the parking lot. Shack!" she watched in horror as her fledgling doubled over in pain, his eyes having turned the amber-grey of the wolf, his fangs having broken through. Thick dark ropes of saliva dripped from the edges of his mouth, his hands taloned claws. He whimpered, trying to form a sentence but a strangled scream came out instead. Biting down on her wrist she forced him to drink. Edric's eyes were wet with tears of pain and frustration as he gnawed roughly at her flesh. Pushing her from him, he fell to the floor, his body convulsing, his vocal cords refusing to let anything but wet slick guttural noises escape.  Nosferatu's senses were in overdrive as she heard the low growl of the other wolf outside the window. Dagan had turned fully and was stalking his prey. "Oh this is going to hurt."  our heroine said as she fell beside her fledgling, one knee pressing down nearly all her weight onto his chest, as she grabbed him by the hair. Ripping a chunk out of his throat, she let him bleed for a moment.  The convulsions stopped. Edric's limbs began to relax, as the male was able to breathe through the pain.
The sandy-blonde male lay on the floor both hands over his face as he tried to will himself back to human form. It was no good. He was stuck in his version of a transformation, his mind thinking of nothing but the blood coloured corners of his vision. His ears were ringing with the echos of the other wolf still prowling just outside their room window. His scent heavy in the air. Edric's nose burned. Burned with the scent of the other male, burned with the scent of his own blood as it began to coagulate under him. Burned with the scent of his sire, who's blood sat thick on his tongue. The hybrid saw his sire leaning over him again, her lips moving but he wasn't able to pick out the words. She was asking him to do something, only it seemed her voice was underwater. She grabbed him by the shoulders pressing her nails into his flesh, the nerves refusing to register the sensation. He nodded without realizing what he was agreeing to, still trying to focus on her voiceless lips.  His own once again finding the edge of her wrist as he felt the weight of her arm crashing into his teeth. Then the pain stopped. His ears stopped ringing, his senses all rushing back to him in the same heartbeat. Edric realized that Dagan had left the area, the full moon ritual pulling the other male away from them finally. He had avoided the confrontation that our heroine had feared for him.  Craning his neck, the male looked over his own chest towards his sire. She was still kneeling beside him, her arm smeared with blood and saliva. Moving from him she stepped over the confused fledgling, walking into the bathroom."I'm covered in dog drool. I'm taking a shower."

"That wasn't so evil." Edric said managing to make it to lean on his elbows, his breath still laboured. His eyes went wide and he forced himself up to his feet pushing past our heroine, barely making it to the bathroom. The male threw up twice before falling back to the floor.

"I think you need the shower more than I do." Nosferatu commented tossing the towel and soap at him.

"So that's it? That's what all the horrible fears have been about?"

"Sort of. I've never seen it end this easy. There is usually a lot more blood and fur and dead wolves. Also, first time I haven't been pinned to a tree by a naked werewolf. So can't say for sure. How do you feel? Like other than the vomiting? Any bolts of lightening driven through your spine, or your brains on fire?"  Edric whispered no as he scratched his ear. "Huh. Then I am guessing Dagan hasn't found Matilda yet?"

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. 2 out of 3 falls...)

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