Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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movie: Blade 2 Bloodhunt
starring: Wesley Snipes, Norman Reedus
genre: Action, Horror
year: 2002
format: DVD

plot: Blade has been hunting the vampires who kidnapped and turned his best friend and mentor, Whistler with the help of a new weapons expert named Scud. It takes them two years to find him, saving him just as a new threat appears on the scene. The pureblood vampires search the group out, needing their help to stop an new breed of vampire. One that not only feeds on their own, but turns them into Reapers. Reapers have a higher metabolism from normal vampires, and are unable to control their bloodlust, therefore having to feed every single day. When the group learn who's actually behind it all, a new level of trust sees the light of day.

Well, it's a sequel, so you know what that means...bigger bad guys, more explosions, and three times the blood.
This sort of became a trend in the last decade, the idea of vampires playing mad scientist or having a natural mutation. (Underworld, Daybreakers, Reign of Darkness, Red Blooded American Girl) And the whole thing of enemies working together against a bigger enemy.

This is pretty much a big shoot'em up film, with some witty banter between Snipes and Ron Pearlman, who plays the "leader" of the vampire soldiers called the Blood Pack. Most of the "rules" laid out in the first film regarding the houses is bypassed, in favour of just running around in the sewers shooting everything that moves. The timeframe this was shot leads you to see just where the goth subculture was really becoming used by mainstream television/movies as an blendable tool. From the costume design to the lighting, which in this case had a lot of earthy tones; compared to the first film which catered to stark neutrals (black, white, silver)  I get caught up in the look of this movie apposed to the plot every time I watch it.

I do like the idea that the vampires have to admit in this, they aren't the all infallible creatures they are hyped to be in the original. There is just something about stories where the scary creatures are scared of something.

what did I learn: Dude, how can you not love a guy who calls himself Scud?

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