Monday, October 15, 2018

Random movie - Little Evil

Movie: Little Evil
starring: Adam Scott, Clancy Brown
genre: Comedy, Horror,
year: 2017
format: Netflix Canada

plot: As a new step dad, Gary is convinced is his new wife's son is more than a little troubled. After their wedding photographer points out the priest spoke backwards in the vows and instead of asking the normal wedding vows, asks Gary to look after the son instead, Gary and his best friend Al; begin to investigate. They soon learn that the boy Lucas was conceived during a cult ritual. Before they know it, all the dads in the neighbourhood have to band together to fight the cult leader and keep the devil from rising.

This was a cute film I found it to be less horror and more horror spoof, and I think it would have been a great launching pad for a tv series.  50% Omen, 40% Rosemary's Baby, and 10% nods to other horror classics like the Shinning and Amityville.

Sally Field has a small role as the child services worker/cult member, and the nod to her tv show The Flying Nun, was quick but there none the less.  This movie is actually pretty fast paced given the amount of story that they manage to get across without it feeling rushed. We learn that the wife has a bit of a checkered past with keeping a husband, as they all seem to either die or runaway.

The one tiny detail that stuck in the back of my mind after the movie was over, was the priest. If he never actually referenced the wife, only the kid, why was that never addressed? It's set up in the beginning of the film but then never even used as a joke or anything afterwards. 

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