Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 82

Movie: My Big Fat Greet Wedding
Starring: John Corbett, Nia Vardalos
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Year: 2002
Format: VHS

Plot:An unhappy woman who feels stuck in her life meets the man of her dreams after finally finding the courage to stand up for her independence.

This movie was the movie that inspired women around the world a decade ago. 
It's the idea of tradition vs freedom to live your life for yourself.
The mass appeal of this film lies in the fact that you can identify with it no matter what your background is, everyone has members of their family who act like some of the characters in this film.
The idea of starting over seems to be more common with women then it does with men, to break away from the expectations we've had to deal with. 

What do I think I learned from this film?
Happiness will come if you are brave enough to make that first small step.

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