Monday, March 11, 2013

Coffee-Talk Monday March 11th

Everyone has movies that they consider their favourites.  Sometimes, you end up having a favourite because of the actor, or the story, or the look of it, or simply because of the memories it brings up.
Whatever the reason, at some point, everyone will have that near and dear to their heart movie that they get laughed at for liking.

Admit it, I'm right, you all have that one film that you have had to take mockery from your buddies for.  And it's these movies that got me wanting to talk over coffee with you this morning.
This might be your go to films when you're sick, or depressed, or whatever.  (yeah it's one of those days for me today, nothing has gone right and I just want my comfort films)
(ah look at me, having coffee back few years ago, before I got old and Jabba the Hut-ish)

One of those movies for me is Adventures of Ford Fairlane.  My copy is so old, it's on VHS.  Slightly stretched too, so it gets a bit wobbly at times.

Also on the list is  Big Money Hustlas  that stars the Insane Clown Pose and Twiztid. I know when a boyfriend is going to be compatible if he can sit through that film without looking at me with the 'wtf?' look. 

Like so many who grew up in the 1980's, I was a massive fan of Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.  And one of my favourite Feldman films (say that three times fast) is Voodoo. Cheap, cheesy and packed full of mild zombie flavour. Again, a VHS copy is all I have, which actually a former friend taped off of late night tv for me, so it's got a double sentimental value.

Speaking of cheap, cheesy movie goodness, Black Roses, is another movie on my list that I get mocked for. Another film that's got some bad acting, funny one liners, and cliched heavy metal wardrobes.

So that's my story this morning, what's your sick day/depressed/sort of dorky movie list ?

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