Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movie Club Week 11

Okay, so we are into week 11 now, and I thought, I would go out of the box again... er coffin... for this round.  Yes, it's a Wednesday and that does mean I am once again a day late.  I'm also short on time, so this wont' be as long or indepth as I would like it to be, but  the vampire movie of the week is... Star Trek Nemesis (ST 10)  I know there are a lot of you that are scratching your heads trying to figure out how a Star Trek would make it into a vampire list?  Well, if you've seen the film then you know what I'm getting at, if you haven't, you really should. (I am breaking one of my rules of only  doing vampire movies I've already covered on the vampire blog, for the weekly movie club, but I was in the mood for this)

The main plot of the story is that Captain Picard learns that he's been cloned by the Remans. This all comes to light after the Romulan government was overtaken by the Remans, lead by Shinzon. Shinzon lures Captain Picard's crew into a secret meeting, with the promise of a peace treaty, only his real reason is to capture Picard in order to first learn everything about his life, then kill him and take his place. We learn that Shinzon is the clone and because of a flaw in his design, is dying. In order to save himself, he must have a complete and total blood transfusion from the older Picard.
Meanwhile, Data discovers a clone of himself which was used as a decoy to get the systems programs from Enterprise.
Shinzon uses a form of psychic link with Deanna Troi, to invade her dreams, as he becomes more and more obsessed with her.  This is conducted, by Shinzon's first officer who is from Reman (and is very bat like.)
The final battle is between Shinzon and Picard, on Shinzon's ship. 

Okay, so this is on my vampire movie list because of the Reman warriors looking like the character of Nosferatu, pointy ears, pointy fangs in the front. Also, the psychic link is one trait seen in many vampire stories (and folklore) not too mention the fact that Shinzon's main objective is to drain all the blood out of Picard in order for himself to live.  He literally has days to get the job done or he will die.  And we start to see that in the course of the movie, Shinzon himself starts to resemble Nosferatu.

This for me is still my favourite of the ST movies, maybe because of the vampiric elements in it. It was also the first film I'd ever seen Tom Hardy in, and made me a fan of his. 

Till later

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