Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday March 1st

Well, it's a Friday, supper time to be exact, and it's time for the weekly round up from the vampire blog.  And this week there is stuff to round up.   I know, things on the blog front have been quiet the last week and a half, but that was because I was not home this past week. But, I'm home again so here we go....

Sunday (Feb 17th) was Day 36 and I covered an episode of the Vampire Diaries

Monday (Feb 18th) was Day 37, and I talked about the movie Innocent Blood

Wednesday (Feb 27th) was Day 38, and I covered the movie Frankenweenie

Friday (today) is Day 39, and I had a mini-marathon with the first 3 episodes of the tv show Kindred the Embraced, and the movie  House of Frankenstein 1997

till later

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