Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Afternoon Notes

This weekend, Friday  March 8th, starts spring break here in my city-until Sunday March 17th.  That means, matinees.
I have a list of about five movies that will be playing at the local cinema during March break, that I'm wanting to see. And I've been talking about doing a local movie club and can't think of a better time to really dig into that then now.
I've been hesitant to get it really rolling the last two months because of my knee injury and not wanting to go out at night, where I can't see what I'm doing since I'm still using a cane.  So, for me, matinees right now are a great thing.  (That's how my knee got destroyed last year, out after dark in the winter and didn't see the ice patch)

Dead Man Down  is at the top of my list. And an interesting way to really kick things off.

So basically, if you're in the Thunder Bay area, and your schedule is open this coming week, if you want to join me for movie club leave me a comment (maybe a cut off point of say Friday night 11pm? for a Saturday matinee. I'm still working out the glitches of planning)

This is also the weekend that the times change. Daylight savings time goes into effect this weekend.

And speaking of movie clubs, the weekly online one will get done later tonight.  I'm starting to think having it on Tuesdays is a bad idea.  To be honest, I picked Tuesdays because I wanted to start it on the 1st of the year and that's what it happened to fall on.

Till later

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