Friday, March 29, 2013

Movies you loved but I hated

I've seen over the course of the last few years, lists for topics like this before from other people.  Movies that were considered classics or must sees, that people just didn't care for. 
I thought I would give my list today.   Why today you might be asking?  No reason other then it's been a long day already and it fits the mood I'm in right now.

1. The Sound of Music.    HATED IT!  We had to watch it in school a million years ago (1987 to be exact in 7th grade and again in 1990 in 10th grade English)   I slept through half of it the first time around and the second time I was made sit through it, I honestly feel like time stood still, in a horrible painful way.

2. Wizard of Oz.  HATED IT!  It's way too goody-goody for me.  I understand that the movie was done at the time of the great depression and WWII, but still it's too sugary sweet.  They only give any so called depth to the lead character. And really, she is about as deep as an empty glass of water

3. Doctor Zhivago.  I never finished watching it.  Another one that we were forced to watch in 7th grade, and I went to the toilet and never came back to class that day. 

4. Gone with the Wind.   HATED IT!  I just don't get it? Why is it considered one of the greatest films ever?  Why? 

5. The Exorcist.  This is one of those movies I could take it or leave it.  I think it's good on some levels, but crap on others.  I understand that it has single handedly created a genre all its own, and that for the time it was done it was the most risque thing, but other then that I just don't see why people love it so much?  

6. E.T.   It was too commercial. Would that movie fly now if it came out or would it flop?  I can't say, but I can say I found it sort of creepy when it had originally come out 30 years ago.  The aliens gave me nightmares for months.

7. St.Elmo's Fire.  HATED IT! It was too busy but at the same time went nowhere.  The only good thing about that film was the theme song and Rob Lowe becoming the star he became. 

8. Raiders of the Lost Ark.  HATED IT!  I sat through it once. When I was about eleven years old. One of my cousins had just gotten it for x-mas on VHS back when it was all still a new idea, and we all watched it as a family during dinner.  That's another one of those films that I just don't see what makes it suppose to be classic? 

9. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  HATED IT!  Hated the remake too, and normally I love anything with Johnny Depp.   I just found the whole story to be ...sick. As in a disturbing way. The little imp guys were freaky, the situations the kids ended up in were creepy, and the whole idea of a man luring children to his futuristic world by candy always unnerved me. 

10. The original Planet of the Apes movies.  All of them.  I think it was the masks. I like the idea of the films,  just found them to be boring in the end.  Maybe it was Charlton Heston, I've never been a fan of his.   See now, I loved the remake with James Franco.

Okay, and I could go on like this all day, but that's enough for one post. 
till later

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