Sunday, May 1, 2016

year 5 day 133

movie: Smokey and the Bandit
starring: Burt Reynolds, Sally Field
genre:Comedy, Action
format: Netflix Canada

plot: A couple of truck drivers take a job smuggling illegal beer cross country in under 48 hours. Along the way, they find themselves the center of a speedy round of police chases.

Classic. One of the car movies that started it all. With the right balance of action and comedy, Bandit has what a lot of current car films are missing. Heart.

The stunts are there, but the film manages to be witty while doing them. The idea of the running joke that only the Field character truly knows why they are suddenly being chased plays well through out. The raunch factor is there but subtle, as it's all done in winks and nods and a few innuendoes.

The fact that the Reynolds and Field characters are the decoy, makes for an interesting factor, given they are trying to stay a few steps ahead of the police the entire time. This lets their third partner who is driving the bootlegger, a chance to just cruise through with out being noticed.  I think part of what makes this film so good, is the decade when it was done. We're talking a decade without "digital technology". The characters have to rely on their skills and wits, communicating just through cb radios and people they already know for help. Even the trouble they get into is more "innocent" that what you would expect in modern films.

what did I learn? sometimes you just have to take the bet for the fun of it.

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