Tuesday, May 24, 2016

year 5 day 145

movie: The Fly
starring: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis
genre; Sci-Fi, Horror,
year; 1986
format: Hollywood Suites Channel

plot: After testing an experiment out on himself goes wrong, a scientist begins to de- evolve.

Based on the 1958 movie and the 1957 short story.

Take about a mad scientist. I haven't seen this in years, so much I'd forgotten just how gross it got. For some reason though, I seem to remember there having been an explanation for his extreme sugar consumption, which there didn't actually seem to be. (trailer maybe?)

I found the first half to have been rushed, which was the style for the decade it was done. I got the impression of the main character having an addiction to his own creation. That high you get when you've managed to create something so off the charts new. He kept coming back to the idea that he was - in the first half of the film- creating a stronger faster form of evolution. At which point, while the adrenaline is still controlling him, he starts desiring a mate just as unique as himself. The character is no longer functioning on any form of human level; pardon the pun. He's become tunnel-vision goal minded, that of survival. And in this case -for the first half of the film- survival of his new species. The second half, just seems to be about survival at any costs. He's nearly accepted the fact he's about to die, than seems to begin fighting that. That fear of death becoming more than he can handle.

Metaphors I got from this were addiction, disease, transformation, paranoia and mental illness. There's also a lot of jealousy floating around between the three main characters. Both the Goldblum character and the John Getz try to out "alpha male" each other during moments throughout the film.

what did I learn? You know I'm going to say it...IT'S A FRANKENSTEIN MOVIE

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