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The Nosferatu Adventures s10 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 272, chapter 272

Out of Time
The Van Helsing Boys

Landin woke up in a cold sweat. The air around him making his ears ring, threatening to pop. He hated when this happened, and in the last few nights since they'd come to town, it had happened every night. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he shoved the covers off, rubbing the heel of his hands in his ice blue eyes, failing to will away the headache that was beginning to form. Getting up, he crossed to the little bathroom digging through the pink flamingo printed fanny pack for the tiny bottle of pain pills he had taken to carrying. They fell crashing to the floor as the bleached blonde male braced himself against the sink counter, a stabbing overtaking his left eye that seemed to drag down into his jawbone. Instinctively he reached for the cell phone that was still on the edge of the sink peeking out of his bag, hitting the redial button.

"What up?" Seward's voice came through the machine.

"Come get me." was all the older cousin was able to say as he was now doubled over on the floor both hands to his eyes; a pressure in his ears.

"You alright?" the younger male asked hitting a button on his end, activating the video. "I'm on my way. Hold tight." It seemed like forever that he lay crumpled on the floor, his brain pulsating, a heavy heat in his stomach threatening to over take him. Landin could do nothing but rock back and forth debating with himself if he should just give in to the vomit. The whole time, the back of his neck feeling like a million pin pricks. The room became so cold he feared his skin would freeze to the floor, a sound escaping him. A strangled cry forcing him to look up.
The room seemed to blur out of focus for a long second, the light suddenly flooding his view, as images collided. A woman hovering just inches from his face dressed like she was from the 1970's, a man appeared behind her naked except for a towel, both mixing like an overlay hologram over Seward. The younger male now standing in the doorway. Landin felt the pressure behind his eyes begin to let go, the vice grip easing as the familiar voice echoed now in the tiny bathroom. His younger cousin's strength the only thing grounding him once again to reality as he lifted him up off the floor.  "I'm taking you to a doctor."

"No." the bleached blonde shook his head slightly, wincing from the action. "Just take me to a pharmacy. I'll get something for the headaches." he stood still hunched, the nausea releasing it's hold on him. The back of his neck still tingling with the million pin pricks, causing him to turn from the mirror. Their grandfather used to tell them that mirrors were the doorways to other spiritual planes, which always sat buried just under Landin's thoughts.

"I knew you staying at a hotel was a bad idea. What were you thinking?" Seward moved from his cousin grabbing up all his stuff, shoving it haphazardly into his bag. "You going to admit now that you've got some talents?" the younger male made a sound as he tossed a shirt at him. "Hotels are filled with..."

"Don't say it!"

"...ghosts. And you dude, are a ghost magnet." Seward pointed at Landin, his voice filled with both fear and anger.

Landin grunted. "What time is it?" he struggled with the shirt one sleeve getting twisted.

"Just after eleven am. The clerk was coming to knock to tell you it was check out time, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten in. He said you slept through the wake up call, twice."

"Just help me get out of here will you, save the lecture for later."

They sat in the strip club,  Landin still looking a bit green, a pair of dark glasses barely protecting his now delicate eyes from the bad lighting. At lest he thought, the air conditioning was a plus. "I can't believe you brought me here?" he complained to his younger cousin. It was the last thing he was in the mood for.

"Come on. Dude, not like anyone's going to notice you or anything." he reached over tapping his cousin's arm. "I'll buy the first round."  Seward turned trying to get the waitress's attention.

Landin was still feeling less than himself, as he leaned on the edge of the bar, music blasting from somewhere in the corners of the building. "This was a bad idea." he mumbled under his breath as he got up walking out. The afternoon sun felt like a personal assault as he walked out into the way too brightness of it, having to angle his neck so that the gap of the sunglasses didn't let any of it in. Spotting a shorter male exist the building behind him, he sidestepped to let him pass. The dark haired male stopped right beside Landin, smiling at him.  "Am I in your way?" the bleached blonde asked forcing himself to stand to his full height, towering over the other male.

"No. I just want you to talk dirty to me." the smile became this too confident grin, the male too calm. Landin ran his tongue over his teeth as he sized him up. He figured he'd be able to take the guy down with one punch, but he really hoped it didn't come to that. In fact, one wrong move and he might just end up puking on him instead. The back of his neck feeling once again like a million pin pricks, his stomach in knots. The guy continued to stand there, his eyes locked on him. The bleached blonde male found himself more than once having to deal with things like this, men thinking he was for rent. Most were harmless and backed off the second he said no. Landin was about to leave, turning from the guy, just as the man reached out with his right hand as if to touch him. Feeling the need to defend himself, Landin shuffled his left leg back just a millimeter, swinging a punch. The guy ducked moving so fast Landin didn't see it, a pale hand now around the blonde's neck forcing him back against the wall of the building. Knocking the wind out of him.

He couldn't understand it, the guy was so much stronger than he was, so much quicker. "Fine we'll skip the small talk. I want what you've got." The Seer replied moving his free hand over Landin's body, stopping just under his ribcage. "Right here that's the juicy part." he whispered his palm pressing hard into him, at the same time the hand still holding his neck wrenched the bleached blonde down to his own height.

He could do nothing to fight against The Seer, as he forced the taller male to open his mouth, kissing him. Only it didn't feel like a kiss, as much as it felt more like something was being ripped out of him, hooked and dragged up his esophagus, choking him.  Landin slumped to the ground, his glasses falling off forcing him to close his eyes against the sun as it back lit the guy. Crouching down on his heels, The Seer wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb, his eyes flashing that of the wolf. "Now that's how I like my snacks, packed with protein and not a drop spilled." he continued to smile in that too confident way of his, his dimples showing.

The guy was gone, as if he'd disappeared into thin air by the time Landin caught his breath.

The bleached blonde stood outside of the police station, unsure if he should go in. He wasn't even sure why he had gone there. Embarrassed about what had happened outside the strip club, he'd bolted when he'd spotted Ruthven arrive, not wanting his cousins to see him. At the very lest, they'd ask way too many questions on why and how he'd ended up with bruises. But, the three cousins had made it a point in the last few years, of making sure they had at lest one friendly cop on their side, in whatever town they found themselves in. As they never knew when they might have to call in a favour because their grandfather had been arrested yet again for claiming there were vampires.
Letting out a deep breath, Landin entered the building, just as a female cop asked if there was anything she could help him with. It caused the male to freeze in his tracks. He wasn't prepared to be charming, to flirt and bring up the topic in a casual manner. Instead, his brain seemed to shut down on him, his voice getting lost in his chest. All he could manage was to stand there letting the embarrassment of the whole ordeal flush his cheeks and ears. Hugging himself, Landin was about to retreat, rethink his approach.

"I've got it." the male's voice said gently forcing a smile from the female cop as she backed away. Turning  Landin saw that the cop in question wasn't much more than a few years older than himself, blonde with strange grey streaks at his temples. The guy was standing with a coffee in one hand, his other gesturing towards a door. "Something tells me you might be more comfortable talking to another man." he smiled weakly at him.  Landin swallowed hard as he caught the innuendo. He took another half step back, but then thought better of it. Sure, let that be what the cop thinks. Why not? It made more sense than trying to explain that he'd just been what; mugged by a vampire?  Nodding he cast his eyes down following Arthur into the other room.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Yeah, I'm putting my characters through hell)

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