Wednesday, July 20, 2016

year 5 day 167

movie: The Money Pit
starring: Tom Hanks, Shelley Long
format: Netflix Canada

plot:After a couple are forced to move out of their apartment, they buy what at first seems like their dream house, only to find out it really just needs a wrecking crew.

This is like the ultimate buyer's remorse story. Only, it turns the straw to gold in the end. The lead characters are living in her ex husband's place while he's out of town, and have to vacate when he finally returns. While they are trying to fix up the place, their relationship is tested to it's limits, from the construction crew living with them, to her ex trying to win her back, to loosing all their money.

This makes you ask yourself "what's really worth it?"  Both the lead characters find themselves more than once, trying to get through what seems an impossible situation, which at any point either could just give up the dream. And at a few points in the story, they do only to find themselves right back where they started.
They are given this opportunity for their dream house, that seems too good to be true. Which of course, in the light of day, they realize it really is. The stairs cave in, there's no water, holes in the ceilings, etc. The more issues the house has, the more they find themselves wondering if they are doing the right thing? Are they with the right person? And when they both get conned into a lie by her ex husband, they believe the worst in each other. It takes a total stranger to set them on the right path again. This of course brings up the whole idea of "you don't always see the forest for the trees".

what did I learn? Sometimes you've just got to go with your gut, and take the chance.

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