Sunday, January 29, 2017

Coffee Talk Jan 29th 2017

Spudguns! is I, your heroine, Ardeth Blood, and I realized I haven't updated any photos of myself in a really long here's a tidbit for you. I do take inspiration from my daily life for The Nosferatu Adventures, in case you are wondering. 

Speaking of inspiration, if you've got a favourite movie you'd like to see me tackle for "What that Movie Inspired Me to Do" that I haven't seen yet, please leave me a comment. I'll be getting back into that end of things soon.

With that said, if you've read any of my "Top 5 Favs" then you've seen me cover a bunch of different genres, groupings, lists etc. I was wanting to bring that back, but with a twist. If you leave a comment with some of your favourite movies, if I haven't covered them on here yet, I do my best to. So basically I'm taking movie recommendations.

That's about it for now.

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