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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p24

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 298, chapter 298

Out of Time...

Edric stood on the top of the second floor landing, tilting his head to the side. There was something about the grandfather's bedroom that made his skin crawl. Cautiously, he entered the room not wanting to venture too far into it.  "You see it." our heroine's voice slithered over his left shoulder as she silently walked up behind him. Edric grunted as he glanced at her over his shoulder.

"The badly hidden panel or what's behind it?" he gestured towards the closet.

"Both." she closed the gap between them, resting her face on the edge of his shoulder. "It's like the reflection of a prism's light." she gestured towards the secret room hidden in the back of the closet. The male hybrid shook his head.

"I don't see anything other than the fact they are trying to hid something. But I hear it. Like a humming or a phone left off the hook." he wiggled his fingers near his right ear. He felt the female shift her weight as she reached for his waist. Dropping her hand to his hip, she squeezed past his left side, facing him. "What'ya doing?" Edric's blue eyes sparkled as he looked down into her hazel ones.

"Pushing you out of the room." she forced him to walk backwards till they hit the wall in the hallway. Giving  a short gasp of shock, she tapped her finger on his chin indicating he'd shaved. "For me?" she teased.

"What do I get if I say yes?"  Our heroine's eyes became slits as she moved from him a few centimeters, all the teasing having left her.  "No." he grabbed her elbow pulling her back towards him. "Not answering is not an answer."

"Edric you got what you wanted already. You won. You said it yourself, loopholed your way to being one step closer to being pack alpha." she closed her eyes lowering her face. "Why do you insist on continuing to act like you're interested?"

"I'm not the one sending mixed messages." the sandy-blonde male answered as he ran his hand through the limp mohawk, letting his mind drift back to the electric kiss only a few days before. Unexpectedly, his body ached in a very human way.

"Quentin called just before you got here. He had to go to Saskatoon. Took the book from the occult shop with him." our heroine said changing the subject, swaying first towards him then away as if on a string.

"When will he be back?" he dropped his voice sniffing her hair; his hands landing on her hips as if with a mind of their own, the material of the skirt crinkling upward as his fingertips moved like a spider.

"No idea. Bacchus sent him on some mission."  the male continued to run his nose across her ear and down to her shoulder; taking deep breaths as he traced her scent. It was his turn to back her up against the wall. "Okay what are you doing? Seriously, I'm right here haven't moved or changed my clothes or fed or anything in the last ten seconds to cause the wolfiness to kick in."

"Speaking of clothes." Edric took one last sniff growling; his nails ripping down the front of her shirt, buttons flying everywhere. "Please find something to wear that does not belong to Seward. You have no idea how much the simple fact you borrowed his clothes is making me want to rip his kidneys out. His scent is all over you...well not you you, but his shirt..." the hybrid planted both palms flat against the wall on either side of the female, bending his forehead to rest on her shoulder. The tension between them becoming more human by the second.

"You can't blame Seward. You were the one who loopholed things somehow claiming me. The mate factor will make you jealous, no matter what your real feelings are. Like it or not, you made your bed now you have to lie in it."  she ran her hands over his ears, down his neck and shoulders as she spoke not even realizing what she was doing, as if her brain had shut down. The magick mist rolled off him in thick tendrils, dissolving the hoodie he was wearing. 

"Shack it, come here." Edric's words were a hushed breath as he raised his face to her's. The kiss startling them both with it's frenzied heat, the feather touch of her fingertips igniting his flesh as she continued to trail them across his shoulders, the live wire of electric eels once again charged up his thighs, forcing the hybrid to physically push himself a few centimeters away. Reluctant to break contact, our heroine captured his face between her delicate pale hands, before letting them drop to his chest, tracing the smattering of hair. "You said I made my bed and have to lie in it; well, just so you know, I have no intention of that bed being cold." he stood to his full height towering over her, his own hands still on the wall blocking her in."You never answered my question. What do I get if I say yes?"

"Seriously? Are you seriously asking..." she watched as the laugh lines around his blue eyes got deeper; the smirk on his face forced him to lick his lips. "Wow." she ducked under his arm, moving from him taking the hem of the shirt and tying the ends closed. "You really want a double set of fangs around any veins in that area of your body?" our heroine started heading back up to the attic. Edric was a half step behind her, as he stopped to look again at the grandfather's bedroom. He could have sworn he'd caught movement in the corner of his eye. Shaking his head, the hybrid continued on after his sire the mood between them a few degrees warmer.

"Okay, so what's the next plan?" he asked locking the attic door behind him. Edric could not figure out why she was refusing him? He'd been as straight forward and logical about their situation as possible. It should have been more than enough reason for the female to trust him. He was starting to feel like the little mermaid, trying to win the prince's love without being able to voice the desire. "Another round of the locator spell?" letting the magick mist resurface across his torso, Edric was suddenly wearing a charcoal t-shirt.

"Honestly right now, I've got nothing." our heroine rotated her shoulders letting out an exhausted sigh, reaching for him. Flopped down on the sofa, Nosferatu forced him to join her. "I tried at lest a half dozen different kinds, the closest result was when you arrived earlier and the north candle moved. There was a time, back years ago now, The Seer was able to use his psychic abilities to link with me. It was a vamp thing. But, he's blocked me now or something. Or it doesn't work in this reality, I don't know?" once again, she started to play with his ear.

"I take it you tried?" he reached for her hand locking his fingers with hers.

"First thing I tried. I just ended up giving myself a migraine." Our heroine closed her eyes. Just as quickly opening them again she jumped up taking a step only to have Edric unintentionally stop her. He was still holding her hand. "Unless you suddenly have a cheat sheet on your palm, I need you to let go." she shook their still locked hands.

"Are you running to the bathroom?"

"No, kitchen actually. I left some spell books there."

"Are we setting up camp here?" he asked letting go of her. "Cause I could get used to this place." spreading his arms their full length, he ran his palms over the back of the sofa.

"It's very...charmed isn't it?" our heroine said smiling, making an open and close motion with her hands. Edric had to bite his lip, making a face trying not to laugh. "I'm sure Seward wouldn't mind if we crashed tonight, but beyond that we really should head back to Quentin's warehouse. There's a lot of work still to be done on that place."

"Quentin's warehouse. The place that was bought for the fact we were pack sized, which will be inconvenient for just us packless freaks. That place is never going to feel like home." Edric mumbled scratching his ear.

"Then don't go back. Go find yourself a cozy little hovel somewhere on your own." the banshee shrugged as she headed out of the attic. Edric sat there for a few long seconds in silence, listening to the sounds of the house. The sounds the pipes made as water rushed through them, the sound of the two stairs just before you get to the second floor landing that both groaned as you stepped on them, the buzzing of the electricity through the phone lines and refrigerator. The sound of Seward's heart beating as it pumped blood through his very human body.  Edric ran both hands over his face breaking the trance.

"Don't kill your friends, that would be bad." he mumbled to himself. Clearing his throat, the hybrid decided to head back outside to Seward's car, thinking he might need to get the last of the blood bags. Edric made it halfway down the stairs, when the sound of another car pulling up got his attention.  The male hurried to the kitchen where our heroine was still, touching everything as he did. "You didn't tell me that Arthur was coming back here." his words were a breath as his eyes flashed to the amber-grey of the wolf. Twitching, the hybrid cracked his neck, his nails extending on instinct. He practically slammed the female into the kitchen table as he moved standing behind her, his left arm around her waist. "Is this crap going to happen every time another wolf is around?" he asked referring to the fact he suddenly had the urge to hid the female. In fact, he was deeply considering shoving her into the basement and locking the door.

"So I've witnessed." Nosferatu replied patting his thigh. "You're the one who refused to read the warning label." she reached for a book on the middle of the table but found herself dragged a foot and a half away, as Edric backed them into the kitchen counter.

"It's okay, there's nothing to worry about." Ruthven said as they entered the house. The dark haired male stood with his hands up, a fresh cigar in one hand. "But, interesting enough for future reference, um, letting a freshly turned lycanthrope in a room with an MRI machine, or in the same wing of the building for that matter, not the most brilliant use of one's time. But it's okay, we're not getting sued, insurance covered most of the damages."

"The sound of the MRI machine hurt my new wolf ears." Arthur replied as he crossed his arms standing suddenly in the doorway.

"I wouldn't doubt it." Edric yawned. "Well, I need to sleep for like a week. I'll be in the attic." he let his hands slide up our heroine's rib cage before moving from her. Edric growled as he past Ruthven and the others heading back upstairs. 

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. Comparing himself to the little mermaid, think Edric would look good as a redhead?)

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