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The Nosferatu Adventures s11 p23

The Nosferatu Adventures
page 297, chapter 297

Out of Time...

The smell of the food hit him long before Seward came up the stairs knocking on the bathroom door. Edric opened it all the way, allowing the dark haired human to hand him the coffee.  "Wicked." the younger male said his eyes wide. He stood then in the doorway fascinated by the hybrid's actions. Edric couldn't help but smirk to himself in the mirror as he dragged his nails down his jaw, rinsing the shaving cream off.

"I thought it rude to use your razor." he cleared his throat. "Did he turn? Arthur, did he go full on wolf?" he snatched a glance at Seward's reflection gaging his reactions. Seward nodded.

"We had to lock him in the tool shed."

 "Damn! What colour was his fur?" Edric wiped his hands throwing the towel onto the sink.

"Black, jet black."

"Would you say onyx?" Edric sniffed. Part of him was disappointed that Detective Arthur Holmwood got the good side of things, but another part was relieved to learn they were not from Dagan's bloodline. This made them Rolf's. Turning Edric made a sound of boredom. "This is a lot to process. Um..." he closed his eyes, unable to think clearly. "Yeah, another thing, how long has your cousin been involved with Nosferatu?"

"Landin's gay remember." Seward responded quickly.

"Yeah I know that, not Landin you dimwit, Ruthven!"

"Oh the hug!"

"Yeah the hug. Were you not going to tell me about that little incident." his voice was pinched as he yelled at Seward.

"They're not involved." he made a snort of dismissal. "Shortly before she got here, the grey streaks in Arthur's hair disappeared, literally there one second gone the next. When she saw that she tried to give him a hug, she went flying across the living room, then tried to hug Ruthven and he went flying across the kitchen."

"She said he tried to hug her." Edric tilted his head to the side his anger beginning to melt.

"More like she turned facing him and told him to. Dude it was weird, if I didn't know better, I'd say he was hypnotized by her or something. Like, she said hug me now, and he just ...did what he was told."

"Huh, interesting." he swore shaking his head. Clapping Seward on the shoulder, Edric pointed at the plate of food. "I can't eat this, there's ranch dressing on it."

"I don't follow"

"Garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. Read a label." the sandy-blonde haired male moved past him into the hallway, sipping at his too hot coffee.

"So what do you think happened? With the no touching thing." Seward asked taking a bite of the sandwich not wanting to waste it. Edric shrugged as he continued on towards the kitchen himself, the promise of bacon and tomatoes leading him by the stomach. The hybrid felt his shoulders begin to twitch and tighten, as the faint scent of Arthur still clung to the room. He began touching everything in the kitchen marking his territory. It was all he could do not to actually say out loud 'this is mine'.

"I don't know, it's an anomaly." he began grabbing things out of the refrigerator stacking them up on the counter, searching the cupboards. "One minute everything is over, done, the sire bond shafted..."

"Wait, she broke the sire bond? How is that possible?" Seward asked. Edric nodded as he continued to heat up a fry pan slicing onions and tomatoes.

"She got underhanded and cried to Bacchus is how. Doesn't matter, she severed it. That female has gone out of her way to shack me at every turn, removing her soul so that she can't be claimed as someone's mate, cause she's been used for security before, therefore keeping me from becoming pack alpha." he tossed a large chunk of butter into the pan. "Removed the sire bond so that I no longer had a logical reason to be with her, therefore cutting my ties not just to the pack but her." he tossed in a large pinch of salt as he cracked two eggs into the pan. Seward watched completely amused as the angry hybrid gracefully moved around the kitchen at near break neck speed. "Then there was the attack by The Seer's minions. And she wanted to fight them alone, fine I sat back and watched her rip their hearts out. Then we ate them. Well, I ate them." he stirred the eggs with a splash of milk before tossing in the onions. "Yet somehow, she got outsmarted." he nodded as he began cutting up a potato adding it to the pan. Placing the eggs and onion on a plate with the sliced tomatoes, he added a large piece of bologna to the fry pan. Staring at the pan before adding a second slice.

"I'm confused. But you claimed her, so you two had sex and she tossed you out..."

"No. Actually, she turned me down more than once, which is weird." Edric snapped his fingers "Mustard? Pickles? I mean, come on I've had straight men offer to shack me."  Seward opened the refrigerator handing him a jar. "Sweet mustard pickles. Even better." he added a couple to the plate, the thick mustard sauce sticking to the fork, as he dragged it across the eggs.

"Yeah Arthur really liked those too." Seward commented as he got himself a cup of coffee.

"Really?" Edric held the jar in his hands, then licked the length of it. "Now he won't."

"I'm not putting that back in the fridge." he took the jar from him running it under the tap. "What is it with you werewolves and sticking your fingers in everything? You don't have to drool on everything...what?" he turned to see Edric standing there totally still eyes wide.

"I marked her as mine! I had transformed, felt a threat coming towards us, so I used my blood! I marked her! It was all over her and her clothes."

"I did the laundry after she got here."

"Yeah don't worry about that." he said dismissingly as he flipped the bologna and potatoes. "It was instinctual. Nothing to do with the sire bond at all." his voice rose in giddiness as he rocked on his toes for emphasis. He slapped both hands then on Seward's shoulders. "You know what this means right?"

"Not a clue." the younger male said, his curly dark hair flopping around his forehead.

"Me neither. But, I think it proves that she was wrong. Capital w ; wrong."  he turned his full attention back to the stove. "I wanted..." he made a face as he turned the burner off, serving up the potatoes and bologna to the rest of his plate. Edric sat down at the kitchen table to eat.

"You wanted what?" Seward asked leaning on the kitchen counter.

"Her to trust me. To accept me. It proves she finally did. Forgot the pepper."  Seward nodded handing him the pepper shaker.

"But, you're still not the pack alpha?"

"Yet. Give me time." Edric said before stuffing a forkful of food into his mouth. "That's actually secondary right now. " he turned quiet as he enjoyed his food. When he was finished eating, he put the dishes in the sink, licking his thumb, grabbing another cup of coffee. The hybrid couldn't remember the last time he had felt this comfortable, this confident. He wasn't too sure if it was the new knowledge that he'd found yet another loophole in the magickal contract or if it just simply had to do with the Van Helsing's house? He couldn't deny it was a house you could instantly get used to living in.

"So if that's secondary, what's the first thing?" Seward asked after nearly five minutes of waiting for him to continue.

"What? Oh." he moved closer to the human, dropping his voice to such a degree, Seward had to strain to catch what he was saying. "Getting her to admit she allowed me to mark her as mine."

"Why are you whispering?"

Edric pointed to the ceiling. "She can hear me, us. Super hearing remember." the dark haired human nodded his realization as the hybrid continued. "I need her to admit that she needs me. Values me."  

Seward looked at him smiling. "But why?"

"I need her to admit she wants me." Edric said slapping Seward on the shoulder again before heading back up the stairs to the attic.

Tune in again for another installment of the Nosferatu Adventures starring your up story. This is what happens when you get two people who've been hurt too often crushing on each other, neither trusts they are desirable.)

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